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    Frankenstein/Blade Runner Essay

    lol u failed. you dont talk about the author's ambition, you talk about Victor Frankenstein's and Tyrell's ambition to be creator and cause scientific progress. you're going to get such a bad mark and you should feel bad about that since the question was so obvious.
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    Economic Essay Predictions

    Also I wouldn't be surprised if they added an "impacts of globalisation on the global economy" essay just because it's unexpected and not been examined tooo recently
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    Which one is more effective for Economics?

    Law of diminishing marginal returns can help you answer this haha You can spend your time knowing 100% of the syllabus, with the last 10% or so being the hardest and taking the longest. So much so that learning that final 10% takes the same time as learning the other 90%. Or you can spend...
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    Can there be a question in the HSC which...

    If it's in the syllabus specifically, then yes. Check the syllabus.
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    Economic Essay Predictions

    My predictions, top 5 essays in order based on current events and past essays: 1. labour market policy (not asked since 2007) 2. environment essay (carbon tax effects showing now, also no environment question in SA for ages) 3. international orgs and trade bloc agreements (catholic paper + not...
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    What is your iq?

    Psychologist tested: 137
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    Religious affiliation

    IMO in the search for true religion I think it's a fair call to eliminate all religions other than Islam, Christianity and Judaism immediately (sorry) because these religions are supported by so much evidence, however obviously I believe it's necessary to eliminate further. Once you make the...
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    Textbook recommendation

    If you can, get your hands on John Bulmer books. theyre not very common, but really good and have complex stuff in them. Otherwise, get Riley or Dixon or both. Riley is better IMO, it has more stats, but Dixon is more simple.
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    Suggestions for a good asian economy?

    I would 100% say Mongolia. Reasons: - 17.3% growth rate 2011 - extreme export reliance on primary industries (mining, agriculture) - very interesting history with communism and market transition - between China and Russia - huge direct investment into its mining industry recently - mining boom...
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    Impact of Globalisation on China

    read the economist china special report
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    How exactly did the GFC start?

    Causes 1. Fundamental asymetries of information in the financial markets (read some of J. Stiglitz' stuff about it). Problems with financial products such as risk and liquidity are factored into the price, so it doesnt matter if there are problems as long as investors know there are problems...
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    Outline the effects of globalisation on external stability

    just do a few dot points, write and then cut down. the fallacy many writers find themselves in is where they write something, and they think that every word is pure gold, so they find it impossible to cut stuff. learn to be brutal when cutting stuff, simplify as MUCH as possible. ur an idiot
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    Outline the effects of globalisation on external stability

    lol do your own fucking task its such an easy question...
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    Someone explain this to me ?

    yea what ozko is saying, when the GFC hit, there was a mass flock to safe assets - US and German treasury bonds, because in a world where the American/German bond market defaults or w/e, the whole world is screwed. Since our cash rate would be higher than those of a depressed economy - not...
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    Exchange Rates & The Big Mac Index

    lol i saw this article before it was cool. but srsly... although the big mac index may seem like a good indicator of currency value considering how many different factors of production are used in the production of a single big mac e.g. white and blue collar labour, young people labour...
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    UNSW Economics Competition Tomorrow

    yea, its a fun quiz, you should do it next year. if you logon to the australian economics competition website, you can try a past paper. its quite difficult, but fun.
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    Help! How to cram for eco?

    i think that cramming on economics has little point to it in the way most people do it i.e. reading textbook, notes, highlighting etc. the best way you can learn topics is by watching youtube videos - it gets me good marks. its the most time efficient way to study imo. many of the concepts...
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    How do you structure an eco stimulus essay?

    imo it should be used minimally, although you should hint to the stimulus when you can.