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  1. braindrainedAsh

    Europe DisneyLand(Paris)

    I thought it was pretty boring and reeaaaaaaallllly overpriced. But if you want to go, then you might enjoy it. I was dragged there by my mum.
  2. braindrainedAsh

    Exchange Student

    I lived there for a couple of years. Gumal is the nicest and newest one. It's very convenient and would be a good place to stay if you are on exchange because you don't need to worry about furniture, only some bed linen and a few things to cook and eat with which you can buy really cheaply...
  3. braindrainedAsh

    Dance Champ Teen Found Dead Before Exam

    To the people that have pointed out that the article doesn't talk about suicide, that's because ethical reporting standards say that suicide shouldn't be reported upon because it can incite copycat attempts. Hence the reason why the article makes no reference to the method of her death. It's...
  4. braindrainedAsh

    Work Experience and Internships

    For journalism, I am pretty sure you have to find the internship yourself before you even enrol in a subject like Professional Practice. To get an internship at those places you mentioned is extremely difficult. At the ABC, you have to sit an exam, go through an interview with a board of...
  5. braindrainedAsh


    I wouldn't do year 13, start uni, then go on exchange. You get the same cultural experience, and it counts towards your degree... and you can drink and party more on campus than at school.
  6. braindrainedAsh


    Hello, I'm currently in Europe and I just did Latvia and Lithuania, which I highly recommend. Riga is a good party city, and the Baltic countries have a very interesting history. The Lithuanian coast (Curacian spit in particular) is great, and the countryside is very pretty. I'm in Poland...
  7. braindrainedAsh

    Omg!!!! Have You Seen The New Building 4!!!!!

    Oh is it finally done? When are they going to revamp building three? It could do with some natural light and working lifts!
  8. braindrainedAsh

    Communications:Roll Call!/Getting to know you!

    Journo students should watch for the call out for reporters for Festival News.... it's a publication all about the Sydney Writers Festival written and published by UTS journalism students. A good opportunity for bylines, and maybe even to get to interview some of your favourite authors :)
  9. braindrainedAsh


    Has anyone been to Lithuania, Poland or the Czech Republic? Booked my flight from London to Lithuania last week :) It sounds really cool, and not as touristy as some other places.
  10. braindrainedAsh

    The Usage Of The Word- "BLOODY" In Tourism Ads.

    Well, I'm currently at uni in the UK so I have got the other end of the story so to speak. I personally think it is ridiculous, but OFCOM and the regulators here are a bit stricter than we are in Australia I think... that stiff upper lip thing still does apply. Bloody is considered offensive...
  11. braindrainedAsh

    Scholarships for exchange to Japan

    If you are going to uni, you can do exchange at uni sometimes and they often have scholarships. I'm in the UK at the moment on exchange and it's brilliant. Japan would be amazing, I really want to go there soon.
  12. braindrainedAsh

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    I am so excited! The other day I was in Monsoon and I lurve their clothes but they are uber expensive. There was this hot little dress, worth 100 pounds ($250 Aussie!) and I tried it on and loved it but it had some damage on the neckline and it was the last one left. They wanted to charge me...
  13. braindrainedAsh

    Little Britain

    Oh I love Little Britain but I missed the third series because it was on in pommy land before I got over here. I love it heaps though, makes me laugh :)
  14. braindrainedAsh


    I'm in London now and have been here for 2.5 months... I'm here for a bit longer, and then in mid May I am kicking off travelling around Europe until the end of July. Very excited, it should be great.
  15. braindrainedAsh

    Seriously ill after drug trials

    why is there a post above my original post. Hmm. But anyway, reading about what happened is really stomach churning. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4813478.stm "some screamed out that they thought their heads were going to explode"... freaky. Imagine if you had taken the...
  16. braindrainedAsh

    Seriously ill after drug trials

    See this: http://www.smh.com.au/news/world/drug-trial-elephant-man-shock/2006/03/16/1142098573100.html Interestingly enough, the hospital involved is just outside my window. The BBC are still there and the media have been swarming all day. One of my flatmates was going to take part in...
  17. braindrainedAsh

    Got stuck in the uts lift for an hour

    I got stuck in the Bon Marche (building 3) lifts for 20 minutes, they are shocking as well. I usually just use the stairs...
  18. braindrainedAsh

    What song do you have stuck in your head right now?

    Girl, put your records on... play me your favourite song... just go ahead let your hair down. British cheesy pop courtesy of Corinne Bailey Rae.
  19. braindrainedAsh

    Communications:Roll Call!/Getting to know you!

    Don't stress about the workload... I remember being freaked by it, but you will pretty soon be able to figure out exactly what work you need to do, and what work you can just let slide by. The workload isn't too bad most of the time, just stressy during certain times of semester. Everything...
  20. braindrainedAsh

    Communications:Roll Call!/Getting to know you!

    CIE is one of the stupidest subjects in the whole degree. Things can only get better, trust me.