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  1. icycledough


    Hi everyone, my name is Adhirath Senthil. Having graduated high school in 2020, I am going to be entering 3rd year of the Doctor of Medicine program at Bond University. With the UCAT testing approaching soon in a few months, it is imperative that all students can knuckle down on their...
  2. icycledough

    Why are you aiming for such a high ATAR?

    Another one I can think of is that if someone is planning to do a course in uni which requires a 95, they might see it better to aim for a 98 rather than a 95, in case during externals, a few things don't go as planned.
  3. icycledough

    3210 UCAT (98th percentile) / UCAT Tutoring and Interview Preparation / Psychometric Testing

    Hi everyone, my name is Adhirath Senthil. Having graduated in 2020 and completing my first year of Actuarial Studies and Commerce at UNSW, I am going to be commencing a Doctor of Medicine program this year at Bond University, in September. With the UCAT testing approaching soon in a few months...
  4. icycledough

    optimisation help!

    It mentions that there is 8 metres of garden edging for the border on the other 2 sides, so I assumed that it meant the other 2 sides have a total length of 8 metres, thus I made them x and 8 - x
  5. icycledough

    optimisation help!

    Let me know if I've got the right answer, but it should go something like this. So we can call the 2 remaining sides x and 8 - x Area = x (8 - x) = 8x - x^2 We want to differentiate this in terms of x to find the maximum dA / dx = 8 - 2x dA/dx = 0 when x = 4 To prove it is a maximum, we...
  6. icycledough

    does anyone know how to do this?

    With part a, it requires a bit of manipulation and converting everything into x terms. So if we know xy = 400 (area of poster), then y = 400/x With photograph --> width = x - 10 and length = y - 10 = 400/x - 10 With the dimensions as x - 10 and 400/x - 10, you just multiply and should get the...
  7. icycledough

    AP/GP help

    So with this one, x - 1 = sqrt ((x - 3)(x + 4)) Squaring both sides, (x - 1)^2 = (x - 3)(x + 4) x^2 - 2x + 1 = x^2 + x - 12 -3x = -13, x = 13/3
  8. icycledough

    AP/GP helppp

    With the geometric mean, you multiply the terms and equate the nth root, where n is the number of terms. So with your example, the equivalent equation would be (x - 3) * (2x + 7) = 5^2 = 25
  9. icycledough

    How do I manage my time?

    I'd add a few tips (on top of jimmy's) which personally, I used during my HSC year Usually in Year 12, students have free periods (obviously, the number depends on how many units and subjects you do), but try to use those as effectively as possible. It can be difficult as you'll most likely...
  10. icycledough

    Looking for some advice as I start Year 11

    Don't worry about prestige when it comes to universities; for e.g graduating from UNSW vs Newcastle doesn't make a difference when graduating and working as an intern; they won't value one medical degree over the other, the most important thing is getting into a medical degree in the first place.
  11. icycledough

    Looking for some advice as I start Year 11

    Both Newcastle and Western Sydney only look at ATAR as a threshold; for Newcastle, it's 94.3 and for Western Sydney, it's 95.5. So getting a 99 ATAR vs a 96 ATAR won't matter for either. But I agree with idkkdi that in general, you'll need at least 99+ to be competitive for as many unis as possible.
  12. icycledough

    Medicine 😎

    I guess you could make a case that the second set of scores (99.95, 97th percentile and interview of 70) could land someone an offer an UNSW (as an ATAR and UCAT that high doesn't necessarily need a top interview to get an offer, due to the 33/33/33 split between the 3 components).
  13. icycledough


    As some general info, when giving out internships to graduated medical students, hospitals consider MD (Doctor of Medicine) and MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) as the same; the only preferencing they do is by what state you are from (so for e.g someone who studied at WSU will...
  14. icycledough

    Medicine 😎

    Just an FYI, the UNSW med interview is panel based (so 2-3 interviewers who together ask you a selection of questions)
  15. icycledough

    UNSW Actuary

    What I should add is that I got an ATAR of 97.60 and was able to get an offer from UNSW for actuary. But keep in mind that the median ATAR does slightly change each year so things do look good, but definitely aren't set in stone as of yet.
  16. icycledough

    Is NBSC Manly Campus a good school?

    Also keep in mind that school rankings are determined by no. of Band 6s / total exams sat (as a ratio) ... so schools which are ranked highly may not necessarily be the best for you (as they may have a smaller cohort which makes it technically easier for a larger proportion of students to get...
  17. icycledough


    I'd say that's quite a long time to spend going to uni; I probably spend around 45-50 minutes (at most an hour if any delays) commuting ... but for some people who live in specific regions, it just may be the case that commuting may take more than an hour.
  18. icycledough

    My parents do not like me anymore because of my results

    Another point to consider is the course you want to do in university; of course, parents will always want their children to achieve the best ATAR they can, even if it is well above the threshold required for a specific university course. But at the end of the day, getting a 99 ATAR for a course...
  19. icycledough

    Where to get trial papers?

    It would also be a good idea to ask people who graduated last year; on top of trial papers, they may have access to pre-trial internal exams set by your school
  20. icycledough

    Mod A essays

    No worries 👍