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  1. christinebelista

    Roll Call: Class of 2016

    ACTUALLY A GUY !?/11 im mortally offended, you owe me a follow on all social media platforms wow
  2. christinebelista

    Need help with Richard the III and Looking for Richard

    dude i'll pm you a link to a study guide i wrote; two questions relate specifically to your essay question. i got an in class response to do next week but our question is more specific in terms of what exact theme is stressed (the centrality and origins of power) HAHA rip
  3. christinebelista

    King Richard III & Looking For Richard Comparitive Study.

    yeah dude but that was november, we started mod a this term and did aos last term
  4. christinebelista

    HAHAHA whats good

    HAHAHA whats good
  5. christinebelista

    Crobat's Guide To HSC English Advanced.

    Go bump bump bump
  6. christinebelista

    King Richard III & Looking For Richard Comparitive Study.

    did you guys start with module a at this point WOW
  7. christinebelista


  8. christinebelista


  9. christinebelista

    Half Yearly Examinations

    true true, im doing mod A aswell, what texts are you guys doing?
  10. christinebelista

    Half Yearly Examinations

    First off, you're going to have to figure out what type of studier you are. By that I mean your 'zone of effectiveness' - or you know, the certain time of day when you find you can think and process concepts and whatnot with optimum clarity and efficiency. HAHA in my case I'm a night owl...
  11. christinebelista

    Ancient History Vs Modern History

    100% agree , idk i guess i find it easier to remember certain facts and corresponding evidence with ancient history. sparta's also freaking interesting, although the movies you might watch about it may be somewhat factually skewed. we watched this documentary the other day and i found for the...
  12. christinebelista

    Roll Call: Class of 2016

    im christine (: i have hefty goals and i sure as hell wanna apply myself this year in order to achieve them.