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  1. iwantfreeessays

    Which Uni Has The Hottest Girls???

    i guess you've never watches tv shows liek law and order,ncis, etc. there full of hot chicks.
  2. iwantfreeessays

    What languages do you speak fluently?

    do you have a problem with jews, you goy shmuck.
  3. iwantfreeessays


    yes, i am ambitious. At the same time I am also a realist. 80% of success is showing up...according to woody allen anyway.
  4. iwantfreeessays

    Powlmao's rant

    my motto is to fuck da police and and to stick it to the man. Basically, who gives a shit what they say.
  5. iwantfreeessays

    First impressions on Macquarie (2 weeks in)

    i saw a girl who had the biggest tits iv'e ever seen. I wondered if they were fake or real; it was just bizzard. She's like 19 years old and has bigger tits than my mum. That's just plain weird.
  6. iwantfreeessays

    First impressions on Macquarie (2 weeks in)

    hot girls...everywhere
  7. iwantfreeessays

    The Woolworths Thread

    well we do two shifts. On in the day and one in the night. Per shift we get on average 2-3 trucks with about 15 order in each.
  8. iwantfreeessays

    The Woolworths Thread

    As for the factory thing, i'm not entirely sure. I just heard rumors that we were moving a to a new location in a specially designed building. Perhaps it's just an extension of another store. I really have no idea.
  9. iwantfreeessays

    The Woolworths Thread

    Yeah homeshop. By the way, i cannot wait for the move. THe grocery staff and the fill crews treat us homeshoppers like garbbage. I'm guessing that they get annoyed when we ask them were a product is because they didnt' put it in the right spot on the shelf. Sorry i am just ranting atm.
  10. iwantfreeessays

    The Woolworths Thread

    I think wollies is moving to that. I work in the online department at wollies, and I heard that they are reloating us to a brand new location (factory) were the whole process will be done. From personal experience, we struggle to do online shopping in the store with the customers we already...
  11. iwantfreeessays

    learn how to do maths in your head...so you don't look silly in front of other people...

    learn how to do maths in your head...so you don't look silly in front of other people.. http://54c76ioafifu9r8ploy95jyl2k.hop.clickbank.net/
  12. iwantfreeessays

    Who wants to learn french?

    Hey, Iv'e been trudging through the net and have found a really great resource for beginner french learners. As someone who has already done the HSC, I can tell you how fulfilling and relaxing it is to do a language come the HSC. So if you're still thinking on whether to study a language...
  13. iwantfreeessays

    Drug Legalisation

    Look, i don't even think that it should be illegal, but i am just giving you the rationale of the government. Drink driving is negligence.
  14. iwantfreeessays

    Drug Legalisation

    The fact that you are not driving responsible infringes on other rights.
  15. iwantfreeessays

    Are aboriginal people helped too much?

    I remember watching an interview with an aboriginal model who was pretty hot(male) i'll try to find it
  16. iwantfreeessays

    Are aboriginal people helped too much?

    Your high marks would probably make them doubt that.
  17. iwantfreeessays

    Are aboriginal people helped too much?

    It means that organisations are either mandated by govt or have a policy to have a diversity quota. It means that they need to let in aboriginals in order to say that they have x amount of aboriginals in their university. In order to let in so many aboriginals, they have to lower the criteria...