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  1. J

    Share your 2010 HSC results here

    English adv: 79 Maths 2unit: 92 Chemistry: 91 Physics: 89:burn: Biology: 92 Umax ATAR: 94.80 yay!!!...hope its accurate
  2. J

    Hardest Subject?

    ahhh :eek: physics lol
  3. J

    What have you eaten today?

    up & go. tinny teddies. coffee. water. : )
  4. J

    Most Loved, Hated and Boring Subject

    Loved: Science :haha: Hated: English :burn: Boring: Geo Prelim '09 2u Maths English Adv. Biology Chemistry Physics French
  5. J

    What school do you go to?

    Hills Grammar Prelim 2009 :uhoh: 2u Maths English Adv. Chemistry Physics Biology French
  6. J

    What I will NOT miss about year 10

    um History, Geo and PDHPE thank God i dont have 2 sport ever again :uhhuh: lol Prelim '09 English (Adv.) Maths (Adv.) Biology Chemistry Physics French