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    Exam 2 Rank

    ye this rlly depends on school many schools have 10+ people getting band 6s in subjects, especially selective schools, the band 6 rates can be insane. Probs look at ur own schools historical results to see what you should be aiming for. But also, remember its how you perform in the end that...
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    Economics Report

    I think this is a good start to ur econ report, however these are some things you could look at - Incorporating more explanation using economic information: e.g. what types of taxation methods or welfare methods are being used to make Australia's income distribution better? - What sorts of...
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    Economics Report

    I dont think this is a very helpful comment.
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    HELP! what are the effects that the bop and exchange rate have on eachother

    Another one is increased servicing costs in terms of rent, profits, dividends and interest if exchange rates depreciate, affecting the net primary income account and worsening the CAD. A change in the exchange rate may also affect the ease for investors to come and invest in aus, affecting the...
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    Does this mean that Year 11 marks will count as internals for our HSC?

    yes but for schools prelim still matters and schools still need ways to be able to effectively assess their yr11 cohort. NESA recently allowed principals to make decisions about assessments regarding yr12, and now have extended this power to yr11 "in line with the decision communicated last week...
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    Challenging (?) Proof Question

    u can prove by strong induction, n=0 is obvs true, given n=1, then M^{k + 1} + \cfrac{1}{M^{k + 1}} = (M^k + \cfrac{1}{M^k})(M + \cfrac{1}{M}) - (M^{k - 1} + \cfrac{1}{M^{k - 1}}) is integer
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    Does this mean that Year 11 marks will count as internals for our HSC?

    i think this just applies to yr 11 students rn
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    How to solve this?

    1. if (x-1) divides the polynomial, and it divides (x^2-1)Q(x), it must divide the remainder (kx+2). Thus you can figure out k. Then, using this, divide the polynomial by (x+1). Since (x+1) already divides (x^2-1)Q(x), the remainder is found when (kx+2) is divided by (x+1) 2. Using the...
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    is it a motif? Also you could talk about associations and connotations of the imagery.
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    Chemistry help

    Have you learnt about spdf notation? If not, this might be confusing. Cobalt is a transition metal. Its electrons first fill up the 1s, 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p orbitals. They then fill the 4s orbital, before returning to the 3d orbital for the last 7 electrons. Note these last 7 electrons are in the 3rd...
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    Is RoSA Compulsory if You're Doing HSC Anyway?

    My bad i didn't read your post properly. Just did some research, "satisfactorily complete Years 9 and 10 or gain other qualifications that satisfy NESA" I'm not sure what this entails, but I'd say you might risk...
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    Is RoSA Compulsory if You're Doing HSC Anyway?

    To the best of my knowledge, you don't. The RoSA just lists your courses and grades for stage 5-6, so kind useless once u get hsc.
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    COVID-19 and school closures

    ye its a bit anxious trying to figure out what my hsc year is gonna be like at this rate.
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    COVID-19 and school closures

    Can they just close schools before my assessments plz
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    Ye i found some here
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    Also vectors are a part of the British A-Levels and the Victorian VCE, I've found some A-Levels qs on equations of lines/planes and they're quite similar to 4u textbook qs so they might be handy.
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    Year 11 Permutations (arrangements in a circle)

    Its 4!, because the five rotations of the table count as one arrangement.
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    Urgent. Need Help asap

    Molybdenum 99 isn't naturally occurring, so it doesn't have a relative abundance