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    Standard English + UAI

    i got 79 and got a UAI of 81.05
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    What UAI did you get?

    im not ashamed of what i got "80.05" really those who did well congrats and keep postin, ur not puttin me off. Im very happy with my mark, i can get into any b of science coarse at any uni i want.
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    how did everyone go?

    to tell u the truth, it was a lot easier than i anticipated. i wrote so much that at the end of the exam my hand was so sore and covered wit pen marks. but really glad its over, that was my last exam!!!
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    misadventure in exam...dnt get it?

    that must have hurt! so do u know what happens now? i hope they give extra marks because wit all honestly it took me 10min to actually comprend what the ques was asking, which than led to me panicing and hyperventalating. i absolutly hated it, it was like everythin i worked for just went down...
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    misadventure in exam...dnt get it?

    can someone plez explain this misadventure stuff? i was really ill so my presiding officor gave me this form to fill out. ques is, i dnt know how it works! Plez explain!
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    Just Got Back!! God That Sucked

    love the attitude! i goota admit that was really tough i was like WTF? every second throughout exam. you gotta admit though that the multiple choice section was excruciatingly cruel!!!
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    multiple choice...WTF?

    multiple coice...WTF? okay, lookin at some anwsers, i gotta ask: 4 sulfuric acid log, isnt it b cause (H) is 0.1 times 2 cause is diprotic. that gives 0.2. then do -log(0.2) you get 1. secondly, with ques 12, repeating improves accuracy! correct me if im wrong!
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    Did The Freakin Kid Ahve Colour Blindness!!?!?!

    hey thanx, i guess i should get over it. i mean theres nothing i can do now anyway. to tell u the truth im just so sick of studyin. im honestly just worn out and to tell ya the truth i just dont give a shit anymore bout my next 2 exams. i really just wanna sleep!!! lol
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    Students of 2005 calculate the band cut offs for the 2005 HSC maths exam!

    i think i got 95 out of 120. so wat do u think my raw is?
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    Did The Freakin Kid Ahve Colour Blindness!!?!?!

    Great! now i've definetly screwed up! i honestly though i did okay, but lookin at everyone elses answers i feel so stupid. i guess i should be more prepared 4 my next exam (chem). im soooo lookin forward to that (as if).
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    Neurones? for that ques i distinguished the slides by saying that some slides showed a detailed structure of the nuerone such as the dendrites and myelin sheath and that others showed the connection of the neurones. for the act potential i said that not all stimuli reach the threshold...
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    Hardest Question

    i found the mutation one hard. i talked about how the T memory cells couldnt recognise due to its mutating, then talked about how scientists were continually developing new antibiotics to overcome this problem, and how the mutation would not be affected by this and that new and stronger...