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  1. Hannah


    hello, year 12 students am i the only one that feels like crying, yelling and pulling my hair out. am i the only one that really is getting bored by the same techer talking and talking for ages and ages. am i the only one that feels like killing those brain people that you can not get marks...
  2. Hannah


    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh HSC is making me really feel sick, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want to cry............................................................. by the way am i the only one that is finding English really boring
  3. Hannah

    2 gen eds?

    Just a stupid question: how do you find out what dates the gen eds run during?
  4. Hannah

    Homeostasis & Feedback Mechanisms

    Q19: "Homeostasis is the process by which organisms maintain a relatively constant or stable internal environment." [NOTE: homeostasis is not just temperature regulation, it's internal environment regulation] Leave off the mammal example - it's a waste of time because it's not asked for and it...
  5. Hannah

    2002 UAI's

    92.20 SO stoked!! Lazseeker predicted 93.8 so, it wasn't far off!
  6. Hannah

    What area/topic of history was your major work?

    I was going to do Joan of Arc until I dropped the subject My work was gonna be basically J'eanne de Arc: Saint or Sinner? Going along the lines of was she gifted, or was she delusional
  7. Hannah

    about the personality and 'or'

    Sorry if this is a bit irrelevant now, but just to settle a few minds: The ancient history markers marked the "or" question both ways because like half the state did it one way and the other half the other way. As in, if you wrote about ancient AND modern sources you were right, and if you...
  8. Hannah

    Conversation - Names

    Jane and Derrick :) [God knows where those names came from.....]
  9. Hannah

    On stage (who got nominated)...?

    My teacher's a marker and she told me that about 50 people out of about 2500 performances get nominated. Out of those 50, about 8 get in. So the chances are extremely slim still, even if you got nominated, but then again if you got nominated you got 30/30, so you're in with a definate...
  10. Hannah

    anything other than performance??

    uh huh - what did we say?
  11. Hannah

    guys in drama???

    we used to have two guys, but they both left before year 12.
  12. Hannah

    Why trials are fucked: A Guide

    bloody history extension. Go Jenkins!! woo!!
  13. Hannah

    John Donne

    Ahh Brent. My suspicions were right. I'm glad you think so much of yourself.
  14. Hannah

    Trial Aftermath

    I see a point - if I don't, I'll crack. Simple.
  15. Hannah

    John Donne

    ok, either someone with a chronic ego, or something against me...... who could that be..... it's all open to opinion.
  16. Hannah

    Suits for formal

    cape, top hat and cane = best idea I've heard!! that's so cool!
  17. Hannah

    Tim Dixon's Eco book

    ey, don't know our school! It used to be pretty cool....... well that was until the totalitarian regime was introduced.......
  18. Hannah

    John Donne

    that's debatable. who are you?
  19. Hannah

    anything other than performance??

    yeah she's amazing. Halfway through the year we were assessed on our IP's as though it were our real performance ( a tad unfair seeing as though we were only halfway through it). We all got below 20/30, and she managed to get 29/30. She's amazing in all the arts - musica, drama, art...
  20. Hannah

    group & individual performance

    Re: our group piece is all done! hahah yes that's so us! That's our excuse for everything stupid we do - we need a sign saying "DRAMA STUDENTS" hehehe yeah good luck everyone!!