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  1. tehpyro

    UTS City - Access to UTS-WPA?

    Yep, UTS logs bandwidth (I know because a friend once downloaded about 4Gb in a day and they said they'd cut off his access for the month if he downloaded much more), so torrenting/downloading anything substantial will not work more than once. That, and if you download anything copyrighted, it...
  2. tehpyro

    The Loft

    The Loft is upstairs from the Glasshouse. It's some-what better, too, but smaller, so generally more crowded. ATARded, yes, they check all IDs if they suspect you're under-age, and legally, they must check if they suspect you're under 25 (though they no longer check mine-- but I think it's the...
  3. tehpyro

    UTS: Blackfriars Campus

    Lecturers/tutors generally allow a 10 minute grace period, particularly if you have class across campus. If they give you an evil glare, just tell them there was no way you could make it there in time, but that's all your schedule would allow for.
  4. tehpyro

    Quick questions about uni

    Haha, I guess that does make more sense. There are some power points in the lecture halls, but they're limited... maybe 6 in an entire theatre, and you usually have to find one and be up against the wall. I'd say the chances of getting one are slim to none if you get there late. That said, if...
  5. tehpyro

    Quick questions about uni

    Most lecturers use powerpoints. Some will use a word doc, which is very annoying, but, if what you're really asking is, "Do they use a projector with some notes on it?", the answer 99% of the time is yes. Most lecturers will give a grace period of 10 minutes. Some don't mind people walking in...
  6. tehpyro

    Question about uni timetable/starting dates

    1. Sort of. Generally speaking, of course, the first date and the last date mark the first day for the class and the last respectively. 2a. Yes. That two week discrepancy is the combination of vice-chancellors week and no-teaching week, which (I believe) all students are given. 2b. As mentioned...
  7. tehpyro

    Student Diary 2010

    You're not missing anything. They're full of ads.
  8. tehpyro

    When do we start?

    When rooms are updated, it'll be in the place that TBA is in. It'll be in the room format, like 10.02.440 (so building 10, level 2, room 440). All other information is available on the timetable already. mysubjects.uts.edu.au >> My Allocations (Top right hand corner).
  9. tehpyro

    UTS Travel Concession Stickers for 2010????

    Clicking on that link now says:
  10. tehpyro

    UTS Travel Concession Stickers for 2010????

    They won't. That January nonsense was probably a shot in the dark.
  11. tehpyro

    IT Camp 2010

    This has been covered quite thoroughly in the thread. To reiterate, going to the camp will not put you behind in the course. You don't start any subjects. They cover university guidelines and policies, as well as general uni life.
  12. tehpyro

    Help with choosing subjects in Science in information technology???!!

    If you've completed a subject, you can't take it again (even if you wanted to). The only exception to this rule is if you fail the subject... which I guess does not count as 'completing' it. So, if you take Apps Programming this year, you won't have to do it in second or third year unless you...
  13. tehpyro

    A Second Chance?!

    Once a subject is completed, what you receive is, as far as my knowledge extends, your final mark. If you fail that subject, you can retake it again, but I believe both the fail and the second mark become part of your GPA.
  14. tehpyro

    When do we start?

    Sorry mystiques, missed yours while I was answering Makro's. Yes, the tutorials are usually one week behind the lectures.
  15. tehpyro

    Wanting to do B Bus/B Sc IT

    Unfortunately, no, since UTS and the UAC view the combined course as one course, meaning that if you want to drop business, you'll have to drop the entire thing. If you find the workload too intensive, you can apply for an internal course transfer which is open to I believe ICTs are open every...
  16. tehpyro

    IT Camp 2010

    Haha, Makro is right, they can't force you to do anything you don't want to do. Unfortuntately, the options outside of that are very slim. My cabin-mates kept me up all night back in 2008 talking about how "nobody sleeps on a camp", so I switched cabins and spent the whole second day listening...
  17. tehpyro

    When do we start?

  18. tehpyro

    Wanting to do B Bus/B Sc IT

    Yeah, that's what I was saying-- sorry, I realise I was unclear. To reiterate, because it took a high credit average (71-74, thereabouts)to get into BBus from BBus/BscIT, and the cutoff for BBus was higher than the combined degree (around 6 points higher), it may have been, at that time, a...
  19. tehpyro

    When do we start?

    Monday, March 1st is the start date for university. Your first lecture is almost always your first class, so if your first lecture is not on Monday the 1st, you don't go. 9 times out of 10, there are no tutorials in the first week-- you're almost certainly free to skip them in week 1. If the...
  20. tehpyro

    Room allocation?

    It can. The chances of it happening are slim to none, however. Extraneous circumstances such as the lecturer becoming sick (or dying, or leaving uni) with the only replacement not being able to work in the current time slot would force such a change... That said, it's only happened to me once...