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  1. yanujw

    BoS Easter meet up

    Oh god.... imagine the smell. Sounds great, I'll try to be there.
  2. yanujw

    perms and combs question

    Some good answers were provided in this thread. Another approach is to brute force the answer by algebra; \frac{n!}{6!(n-6)!}=\frac{n!}{4!(n-4)!} \frac{(n-4)!}{(n-6)!}=\frac{6!}{4!} (n-4)(n-5)=30 ... and solving this quadratic gives the solutions n=10 and n=-1, the latter is disregarded.
  3. yanujw

    do people at university get some sort of credential after completing 1/2 years of their degree?

    You can get an academic transcript after at least 1 semester at uni that will show all your results to date, if that's what you mean.
  4. yanujw

    USYD Subject Reviews (revived)

    CLAW1001: Foundations of Business Law Ease: 5/10 Lecturer: 7/10 (Note that the lectures are online videos) Interest: 9/10 Overall: 7/10 The content was thoroughly interesting and the application of it is also quite practical (unlike HSC legal studies where you learn the law and discuss the...
  5. yanujw

    Nice signature

    Nice signature
  6. yanujw

    whose going welcome fest

    That's every weekend, public holiday and weekday outside of the semester hahaha. Anyways my advice is to make sure you get all your free shit from the stalls and also join any peer mentoring programs your faculty is doing (where you will also get more free shit).
  7. yanujw

    students learn to/ learn about?

    I recommend using the dot points from the 'learn about' section word-for-word as subheadings for your notes. The 'learn to' section makes good questions as you said (particularly as essay questions in economics), and it's also a good way to check your revision by skimming over them and asking...
  8. yanujw

    How many test peepers can you do

    There is 24 hours in a day. Since a prelim practice paper takes 2 hours, then you should be able to do 12 each day. Hope this helps.
  9. yanujw

    Syd Uni timetabling

    You can see how long each class will be at usyd by looking at the timetable preview https://timetable.sydney.edu.au/even/timetable/#subjects For most classes, each subject each week involves a 2-hour lecture, and 1-2 hour tutorial. The exception is science, engineering and maybe medicine...
  10. yanujw

    USYD class timetables

    The first time I tried it I submitted a photo on 25/01 and it got rejected on 27/01. Then I tried it again in late february and it accepted in 1 day. Keep in mind that after it accepts, you have to wait another 2+ weeks later to collect it. But since you're doing it so early, you should be fine...
  11. yanujw

    USYD subject times

    Yep timetable preferences open and close on the days you listed in your comment above. Even if you somehow forget to do preferencing, they will still allocate you to class. But at this point you can see what class times will be available for Sem 1 2024...
  12. yanujw

    How tf does uni grading work

    There is exams, which would usually be a final exam and sometimes a mid-sem too. Find the subjects you need to do for the degree you want and search "[Unit code] unit outline" and you should be able to see the assessment structure.
  13. yanujw

    when do our school emails get deleted

    I lost access to look at my school gmail inbox around April. But all the other google services related to the account (docs, sheets, slides, even classroom) are all still there... a full 12 months after my HSC.
  14. yanujw

    Advice for 1st-time driver?

    If you use a paper logbook (which I recommend - because it's easier to forge the hours lol) then take a photo of every page as it is completed so that you can just recopy all the info if you lose it.
  15. yanujw

    I'm going to UNSW in 2024 :D (Just some dot points), what can this guy finishing first year give me?

    Great advice, but please do not use the UNSW library and consider finding another location to study in. Remember that the library is provided for the benefit of Year 12 students only. https://www.change.org/p/petition-to-ban-unsw-students-from-unsw-library
  16. yanujw

    Mathematics Extension 1 Predictions/Thoughts

    Wasn't 2020 a complete breeze? I know that it definitely was for Ext. 2.
  17. yanujw

    Mathematics Extension 1 Predictions/Thoughts

    If you could claim that specific math questions are your 'intellectual property', studying mathematics would get pretty boring.
  18. yanujw

    BoS Trials Maths, Physics and Business Studies 2023

    No. @Trebla will do that at some point so keep an eye out for this thread.
  19. yanujw

    BoS Trials Maths, Physics and Business Studies 2023

    Comments for Extension 1, Question 12 (a) (i) I would say about 1/2 of students got this right, the rest would need to revise binomial probability as it was a fairly standard question, and also write out the simultaneous equations to be solved for to avoid silly mistakes. (ii) There was a...
  20. yanujw

    Inverse graph question

    Someone explained a good way of doing it by deduction above. Another way (which I wish I realised when I actually did this question in the HSC) is to seperate the differential equation and find \int\frac{dy}{siny +1} . It's not as hard as it looks - there is a way to do this using an extension 2...