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  1. Jerixodia

    Drama Ip Question - Crisis!

    Successful troll was....
  2. Jerixodia

    Drama Ip Question - Crisis!

    Your gonna fail...
  3. Jerixodia

    Paper 2...

    Any idea's for related texts in relation to frontline?????
  4. Jerixodia

    Sexuality VS Reputation?

    I tried it, but it seems l'v fucked up on it. Oh wells... I think he got the idea, but we have not talked since afterwards... Merry christmas, and thanks.
  5. Jerixodia

    Surgery to restore virginity. Would YOU do it too?

    I wish my pillows could be born again virgins...
  6. Jerixodia

    Why The Big Sleep?

    I thought it was called "The Big Sleep" because thats all i did while it was been played in my Extension Class.
  7. Jerixodia

    For Girlies

    Give this guy the LULZ seal of approval!
  8. Jerixodia

    Result anticipation causing sexual tension?

    Were gonna get raped...
  9. Jerixodia

    Aussie theatre -ruby moon HELP!

  10. Jerixodia

    Does anybody here play Yugimonz?

    Does anyone here play Yugioh?
  11. Jerixodia

    Boyfriends And The HSC

    Have sex with each other every time you both get over 90% in a test...
  12. Jerixodia

    2007 Drama Students, Need some help with this Essay!

    Heres some notes i justfound... How are the dramatic forms and theatrical techniques of the plays you have studied used to portray the struggles of the characters? Contemporary Australian Theatre explores the various ways in which artistic, cultural, social, political and personal issues and...
  13. Jerixodia

    Result anticipation causing sexual tension?

    Not really, but then again i ha 365 days and 30 hours until mine... Dam that guitar solo in "The Final Countdown" makes my nipples hard but.
  14. Jerixodia

    2007 Drama Students, Need some help with this Essay!

    Yeah it was. So still any ideas?
  15. Jerixodia

    The Real Inspector Hound Notes And Essay

    PM me or reply to this thread if you would like my notes on The Real Inspector Hound. Heres my Draft essay thats due next Friday. Merry Christmas!:santa: “What do you believe to be the contribution of Tom Stoppards play The Real Inspector Hound, to the Genre of Crime and Detective...
  16. Jerixodia

    Tom Stoppard - The Real Inspector Hound

    I just posted my Stoppard notes, if you interested have a look. Think of Stoppards characters The Real Inspector Hound, and then compare them to the game of Cluedo. Thats how i started off.
  17. Jerixodia

    2007 Drama Students, Need some help with this Essay!

    Ok so my drama teacher gets her essay question which is due over the next 5 nights from the 2007 HSC drama test paper. I'm curious on what people replied to the question orginally, and any points i should bring up or make? The question is: How are the Dramatic Forms and Theatrical Techniques...
  18. Jerixodia

    how do you think you guys went?

    How'd we all go with this question: How are the dramatic Forms and thatrical techniques of the plays you have studied used to portray the stuggles of the characters?
  19. Jerixodia

    hOw du i gEt riD oF sISta?

    Stevo and Zoe sitting in a Tree, while Chelsee is P-e-r-v-ing! First she postes, then comes a bunch of replies that...dont really make sense... Over it...
  20. Jerixodia

    Dating rules

    Her week at splitting the bill: Fancy French Returant My week at splitting the Bill: Mc Donalds, Mc Donalds, Kuntucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut! And another rule. If you like them, just ask the out already! Even if it is HSC, a light date just to take your mind off it is ok. And for...