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  1. psychosuperfly

    Any word?

    I'm starting to worry, i haven't received word about my course. I'm in, sent away the acceptance and all that, got a phone call from some dude at UNE saying congrats and can't wait to see you next year but other than that nothing. This all happened a good fortnight before kwanza. So has anyone...
  2. psychosuperfly

    BComm Studies n e one?

    i'm doing Bcomms at UNE in 2006 id say if you want a job in the city your most likely going to have to work freelance unless you can get a nice deal.
  3. psychosuperfly

    SRAS Letter

    got mine so happy B arts B communications ( 1st pref ) im going to celebrate so hard. pub friday night holy shit how am i going to afford uni
  4. psychosuperfly

    Section I - Personalities

    one here in hind sight the xerxes questions were not bad would have been good if i studied instead of reading a novel actually i thought they were shit questions why couldnt they have given us one on revolts or the campaign for greece fuck! now im in a foul mood
  5. psychosuperfly

    The Bio students who "I did this so I'm right because the test was easy"

    You know what, i'm going to have you spade
  6. psychosuperfly

    Classic Oldies

    I'm talking about "Moby Dick" "Alice in Wonderland" "Huckleberry Fin" "There's a Hippopotamus on my roof eating cake" and there are many more. It's my goal to read through all the old greats out there. I'm sick of seeing and hearing advertisement after advertisement of great novels being ruined...
  7. psychosuperfly

    Did anyone else find the exam..

    i fucking blitzed that exam. it was so easy. the only marks i expect to lose are from silly mistakes. this morning i read a good 80 pages in a book and slept for an hour before the exam. perhaps that may of helped....or not. but the fact of the matter is i cant believe how easy that exam was.
  8. psychosuperfly

    What 2do the morning b4?

    7:30 wake up watch some morning news 8:00 shower 8:30 breakfast, 3 wheatbix nuked for 1:45 9:00 cram 9:15 read "Kings Buccaneer" by Raymond.E.Feist 10:30 do some exercises, sit ups and what not 11:00 continue reading "Kings Buccaneer" by Raymond.E.Feist 12:30 scream and wait till my ride...
  9. psychosuperfly

    Black Books!!!

    Anyone know the names of the classical songs manny plays on the piano? do dododododod doolalal doolalal you know the one im talking about
  10. psychosuperfly

    Futurama-Tales of Interest

    hahaha yeah it is gloria and why did you have to go and tell me there was commentary im am going to have to watch every episode again now oh and cheers for the reply ive been going mad over it
  11. psychosuperfly

    Science Fiction

    "their like a nest of pigs" Technobabble Like Star Trek I don't mind the cheap construction settings They are generally better than this digital animation shit Thats my opinion anyway. Western Good'ol Cowboy Bebop I think George Lucas is a spoilt brat, he can only make average films...
  12. psychosuperfly

    Futurama-Tales of Interest

    Not really here to express my feelings of how much i enjoy watching Futurama. Im trying to figure out what song is played in an episode which is driving me mad. In one of the Tales of Interest with the what if machine. the episode may be called Anthology or something a rather. anywho when...
  13. psychosuperfly

    Black Books!!!

    but iron your a twat, excuse my french hahahah ive been watching black books alot recently "you know what i'm going to do, im going to get you spade" manny in the piano is classic on the season one dvd watch them all with commentary. its hilarious
  14. psychosuperfly

    0403 Jasond

    hahahah i rang the number but i was drunk so it doesnt count anyway its all pre recorded so dont get your knickers in a knot
  15. psychosuperfly

    Section II -Cross Religion Study - Religious Rites

    i did communion service for christianity synagogue service for judaism i didnt study the cross religion ting in class so i memorised an essay from the back of an in a month book i went out with style
  16. psychosuperfly

    feelin better!

    Don't make me get sick into my own scorn! paper 2 was extremely better than paper 1 better questions and also it didnt have geography following it the next day
  17. psychosuperfly

    lets just agree the english forks our lives over

    I know those words but that just doesnt make sense
  18. psychosuperfly

    the i hate english thread. . .

    why bother with the hsc one half of the people will toil their life away the other half will grow old and ill die upside down in a pub toilet
  19. psychosuperfly

    One scene of a movie???

    I did the 'Happy Valley' scene
  20. psychosuperfly

    Multiple Choice Answers

    i fucked up didnt i