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  1. hawkrider

    MQ Chatter Thread

    well I am entering my 2nd year of uni (if that helps lol)
  2. hawkrider

    MQ Chatter Thread

    oh what timetables have already been created? how do you do the process? because it seems that eStudent doesn't allow me to said function like it normally does
  3. hawkrider

    MQ Chatter Thread

    Where do you find this info?
  4. hawkrider

    2017ers Preliminary Chit Chat Thread

    tbf if you have to memorise *that* many creatives you're doing it wrong
  5. hawkrider

    How many past papers do you need to do?

    Tbh, it's not about the quantity of past papers you do but the quality. Heaps of unconfident students bash out a large number of HSC papers, in the hope that more HSC papers --> more marks, but fail to rectify their mistakes in the process so it doesn't achieve anything. Therefore, the more...
  6. hawkrider

    Does God exist?

    With regards to the bolded - if gods were simply idols created by man, then yes, I would agree. But let me ask you: could the same be said for the conception of the generic monotheistic God that is uncreated which Christianity, Islam and Judaism espouse as well? Otherwise, porcupinetree has...
  7. hawkrider

    Working part time whilst studying

    Is it more likely that you'd get responses of interest if you physically sent your resume and cover letter to places or online?
  8. hawkrider

    Does WAM/uni results actually matter in employment?

    It used to have great importance alongside the uni's reputation, but things have changed a lot since - especially as employers do place greater emphasis on the skills you acquire outside of academia (even though that is still important to a degree). But I would think what's more important is...
  9. hawkrider

    Post Your 2016 University Offers Here

    Bachelor of Commerce/Arts (psych) @ Macq (as part of my early offer)
  10. hawkrider

    AM(almost)A from a 2015 graduate

    excellent work for your results! :) was there anything you wish you could've changed in your HSC? (e.g. regrets about poor study habits). I know the ATAR suggests otherwise, but tbh, any HSC student - whether a high achiever or not - would have regrets about something (I know those feels too...
  11. hawkrider

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Kolmias, I have no absolutely no idea where you got the idea that "Engineering is the only field which contributes anything to society", and this is another one of those instances you've said something completely false. Please do check the validity of what you believe before you mention that...
  12. hawkrider

    HSC 2012-2015 Chemistry Marathon (archive)

    re: HSC Chemistry Marathon Archive Just added one bit to your answer to make it complete. Your judgement ideally has to have a "whilst A has shown this, it needs to address x,y,z to satisfy B" line of argument, as it allows the marker to deem your judgement as more critical rather than...
  13. hawkrider

    check ur email lol

    check ur email lol
  14. hawkrider

    check ur pm yo

    check ur pm yo
  15. hawkrider

    Prelim 2015 Chit Chat Thread

    You still need to rote learn certain things that you can't logically deduce though haha, e.g. trade agreements/organisations, types of MER and labour markets. But yeah, I agree with you for the most part that eco is interconnected as a whole. :haha: Eh, it's all relative on how achievable X...
  16. hawkrider

    Prelim 2015 Chit Chat Thread

    Congrats!!! :D :D :D SRC lyf is best lyf
  17. hawkrider

    HSC 2015 Economics Marathon

    Re: 2015 HSC Economics Marathon This is just info extracted from my prepared macro essay plan :haha: Essentially, it is ineffective because it does not target the long-term goals in the Australian economy, e.g. lack of international competitiveness, low productivity growth, low level of...
  18. hawkrider

    clear your inbox yo

    clear your inbox yo
  19. hawkrider

    HSC 2012-2015 Chemistry Marathon (archive)

    re: HSC Chemistry Marathon Archive ROFL u srs Idk, that's the thing, BOSTES wants us to write within the lines and then we have to include as much relevant info as possible lol, this is why I despise hsc science