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  1. Jimmy_Arsenal

    pls send bawbs and vegen

    pls send bawbs and vegen
  2. Jimmy_Arsenal

    hey smexy

    hey smexy
  3. Jimmy_Arsenal

    U hawt girl

    U hawt girl
  4. Jimmy_Arsenal

    2 weeks till it happens (please help)

    We all here for you man, message away :P
  5. Jimmy_Arsenal

    How much depth do i need to know?

    This site has a couple DNA replication questions for ya btw! :) https://wikis.engrade.com/a121biology2012/dna - Jimmy
  6. Jimmy_Arsenal

    Fertiliser Calculations question

    Yup, your working seems fine man, I got 0.400555....... ∴ around 40% of the fertiliser was SO4. - Jimmy
  7. Jimmy_Arsenal

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Yolo swag lit savage fire
  8. Jimmy_Arsenal

    Cohesion-Adhesion-Tension theory

    NSB notes states the following: Water loss at the surface of the leaf results in the osmotic movement of water across from adjacent internal cells into those that have just lost some water. This osmotic flow continues across the leaf – until it reaches the xylem tissue. When water molecules...
  9. Jimmy_Arsenal

    How much depth do i need to know?

    Awesome info, but I would elaborate just a tad bit more on translation in your polypeptide/protein synthesis notes. Ensure, by the way, that you mention that when the mRNA strand is synthesised by RNA polymerase that the RNA base nucleotide only contain Uracil and not Thymine! This is how I...
  10. Jimmy_Arsenal

    MRI questions?

    Yeah mate, PM me for PDF. :cool: