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  1. Ranger Stacie

    Why do Aussies give Aboriginal Aussies a hard time?

    Yes there are rights and incentives, but they don't really apply to Aboriginal culture. So times have changed. What if the entire planet was taken over by aliens. They saw no value in how we live our life, completely fucked up the world and took it over and expected us to live by their rules...
  2. Ranger Stacie

    Why do Aussies give Aboriginal Aussies a hard time?

    I AM Australian:rolleyes: I lived there for 23 years. My point was don't act like you know anything BEYOND it. Anyway, never mind. Have fun being a close minded bogan!!:headbang:
  3. Ranger Stacie

    Why do Aussies give Aboriginal Aussies a hard time?

    For all of Australia's strengths, a large proportion of Aussies are so racist. Its such an insular country and theres heaps of bogans who will never figure that out yet continue with 'blind patriotism' for want of a better expression. Don't get me wrong, I love Australia, will go back and...
  4. Ranger Stacie

    the pill

    levlen is a combined pill. when i was on it the breakthrough bleeding stopped, but i have stopped taking the pill altogether now cos i was having heaps of side effects (mainly mood swings, bloating all the time) and i just couldnt take it, besides i was no longer in a relationship so i didnt...
  5. Ranger Stacie

    Would you everr get plastic surgery?

    I've considered a breast reduction before
  6. Ranger Stacie

    Pole Dancing Classes

    my friends and I and doing this pole dance class for a hens night in a few weeks. they come to your house and set the poles up in your own house
  7. Ranger Stacie

    the pill

    I had my period for a whole month on Yasmin, they changed me to a different pill and it stopped. she might just need to try a higher dose pill.
  8. Ranger Stacie

    What is the BEST pair of running/jogging shoes and what is your favourite pair?

    I go through running shoes really quick, I like new balance the best. I tend to not pay a lot because I have found regardless of cost I still go through them pretty quick. I just buy the exact same shoes over and over, in different colours.
  9. Ranger Stacie

    the pill

    I think you'll have to finish that course. I'm quitting the pill. I hate it and everyone else is tired of me being a hormonal crazy bitch. Hopefully I will go back to normal soon.
  10. Ranger Stacie

    the pill

    are you still protected by the pill during the sugar pill week if you have sex then?
  11. Ranger Stacie

    New Zealand for Schoolies 09--anyone interested or done it before?

    it rains a lot there. NZ has crap weather.
  12. Ranger Stacie

    New Zealand for Schoolies 09--anyone interested or done it before?

    I've travelled throughout both the north and south island, south island is definitely the best. I recommend Queenstown. Its a bit touristy but so much fun. Everyone goes out, evrynight, theres some great bars and during the day theres tons to do, you can go sky diving, bungy jumping, whatever...
  13. Ranger Stacie

    What are your diet routines?

    I eat about 4 small emals a day, I am a chronic grazer. I mainly eat healhty but just constantly.
  14. Ranger Stacie

    Hair Straighteners

    reading labels is good.
  15. Ranger Stacie

    High-Waisted Skirts??

    wannabe cool.
  16. Ranger Stacie

    High-Waisted Skirts??

    I don't like them at all. To me they scream wannabe.
  17. Ranger Stacie


    I normally go for cheaper ones as i am notorious for losing/breaking them. I was going to buy expensive sunnies this year and when I went in, the sales lady told me that none of the fashion glasses (dior, chanel, etc) are polarised and didn't have high protection ratings...for that amount of...
  18. Ranger Stacie

    do you wear sunscreen every day?

    I wear moisturiser and foundation that has spf in it and i only reapply suncreen on my face if Im going to be in the sun. Only put sunscreen anywhere else if I will be in the sun. I go get skin cancer checks every year as well.
  19. Ranger Stacie

    the pill

    how i understood that though, is that the window of time when you can still take it is after you normally take it, not before? is that correct. that is just how i understood the instructions anyway. because if i want to make it an hour earlier, not an hour later, then that is not included in the...