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  1. green_fairy


    Lets hope so. They talked up the arrival of Pepper and co in that house and they are quite possibly the worst actors to go on the show. Well not all of them Rosie's not bad. But every time I see Pepper attempting to portray any emotion whatsoever i cringe.
  2. green_fairy

    Morning after pill

    Thats not always the case. I've taken the morning after pill twice with absolutely no side effects. Some people get slight nausea but if your getting really sick thats something you should look into. :confused:
  3. green_fairy

    Dance Champ Teen Found Dead Before Exam

    No matter whether you were involved personally theres no disputing how tragic Lil's death is. To further the anguish that was left behind, the principal of OLMC has forbidden Lil's sister from modelling her major work in the school's annual DNT parade and has wiped Lil from the yearbook...
  4. green_fairy

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    So agreed. i cant stand the dumbledore atm. he couldve at least stuck with the same character interpretation so there was SOME level of consistency but no he has to turn into this agressive asshole that doesn not capture any element of the dumbledore from the books whatsoever. the 4th movie...
  5. green_fairy

    Neighbours v Home & Away

    As people have said i think a lot of the storylines on h&a are pretty far-fetched and laughable. but then again neighbours seems to be following suit with the whole janae and boyd marriage crap. neighbours cast also seems to be dominated by bogans eg lyn and the whole freaking timmins family...
  6. green_fairy

    What would you do?

    Its a really tough one and yeah its not about age and what you should/shouldnt be doing its about your own personal relationship with your parents and how you feel and relate to them. Have you ever told kinda big lies to them before? how did you cope with that? its a tricky situation with no...
  7. green_fairy

    Curling hair with straighteners

    I've got one of those mini-straightner things and have been trying to curl my hair with it. The hairdresser used it on my hair for the formal last year and it looked really nice like the curls were just right. ive tried doing it and it looks like shit cause im clearly not doing it properly. does...
  8. green_fairy

    Pregnancy / Periods

    I know hey! I use condoms and am on the pill and i still am on the verge of tears if my period is so much as one day late.
  9. green_fairy

    Pregnancy / Periods

    True true. Although my friends been having sex with her boyfriend for about 2 years and has never once used a condom/pill/whatever. He's always just pulled out before he came. Having said that though, when she told her doctor this he was so shocked. She's got to have a shitload of luck. I'd...
  10. green_fairy

    Skinnies vs. flares/bootlegs

    Jeans are one of those things where its so hard to categorize them. Like everyone is saying, it really depends on what suits the person individuality. I think skinnies look awesome on the right kind of person. Theres a girl at uni whos the 5'9 size 8 type and she pulls off the skinnies really...
  11. green_fairy


    Re: Tattoo's Stingers at St Marys is really good. I dont think their too pedantic about id either. I think there are a few others in Sydney if your not around that area but im not 100%
  12. green_fairy

    If you've lost your virginity, at what age?

    Re: when did you lose your virginity? I was 17 too. No pain and more importantly no regrets :)
  13. green_fairy

    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats Just a question about tats, im thinking of getting one on my lower back and one on my left hipbone. Will these hurt a lot? Stupid question but i just mean opposed to other areas that'd hurt more/less?
  14. green_fairy

    Year 12 PiCS

    our muck up day was pretty tame cause we got the "you do anything stupid you cant sit your hsc here bla bla bla" all we did was put flour on the fans and vaseline on the doorknobs and stuff like that. pretty tame and boring and we still got in shit for it.
  15. green_fairy

    Who is based at Werrington South?

    I am. Doing Communications :)
  16. green_fairy

    Whos nervous about the first day back?

    I'm excited but still nervous. I'm looking forward to starting but at the same time i'll miss coming back into a familiar environment where i know everyone and what to expect and the like which was what happened at school.
  17. green_fairy

    How was your o-day?

    Hmmm yeah it was ok. Not all that exciting but the people that spoke to us seemed good. I think i came in with expectations based on what my friends at other uni's told me about their orientation day so i was waiting to be bombarded with free stuff and pestered to sign up to all these clubs but...
  18. green_fairy


    The thing i'm really confused about is that i'm doing Communication and all my lectures/tutorials are at Werrington sth so why on the timetable sheet does it say that all orientation day things are at kingswood? What's the point in that? :confused:
  19. green_fairy

    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats Two in each ear lobe, one in the middle of my ear and belly done.