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    Who was hot?

    Lol at the fact that there are hardly any replies in this thread.
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    Selling textbook REALLY CHEAP!!!

    do you still have marketing principles left? if you do, pm me. thanks.
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    Oh good! I thought I was doing something wrong, so thanks for your help. :)

    Oh good! I thought I was doing something wrong, so thanks for your help. :)
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    hey, according to your sig. we're doing the same course... i was just wondering if you had...

    hey, according to your sig. we're doing the same course... i was just wondering if you had figured out your timetable, and if so, how many contact hours do you have per week? cheers.
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    Auburn is a multicultural shit pool

    There are lots of Lebanese people in my suburb who own houses the size of apartment blocks.
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    I've tried waxing and I must be pretty sensitive because I left with heaps of little red pimples. My eyebrows turned out really good though. I'm super lucky because my mum's a pro at threading so she does them when she has time. You become immune to the pain over time.
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    UWS Hecs Help!

    How long do we have until the census date or whatever it's called? I still can't figure out how to apply for HECS :(
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    them Sydney Trains moments

    Re: them cityrail moments "Omg I stole someone's piiiiipeeeee. I feel soooo bad. Omggg." X 10 - yep, even druggo's have consciences " We should put all these fans in that new room I set up. That's what my dad told me he does for his smoking room."
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    2U maths aligning?

    Re: 2U maths scaling? which is?
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    General Thoughts: Economics

    Did you guys notice how the tax rates and welfare rates don't change? I noticed that for qu. 22 and so then I put GST... Is that right?
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    You just made me feel like shit...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Nominal GDP HASNT been adjusted for inflation. So, dont you have to figure out the inflation rate and multiply it by the original GDP so you can figure out the impact of inflation? And then you find it's $6924, which is greater than 6800.
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    Can anyone outline what they wrote for the Pacific qu. on natioanlism and the Pacific. I'm worried I didn't have enough detail on anything.
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    G to the ERMANY

    It was good but I didnt go into much detail about Kristallnacht... do you reckon it was really vital? BTW I loveee whoever predicted the conflict in the pacific question as PEARL HARBOUR!!!
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    How Bad is the HSC stress for you?

    I always worryou bout my student number! My 9s look like 7s :/
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    What do people think will be the essay questions for economics?

    theres always something on the CAD which is unfortunate... my teacher said that when they were writing the exams earlier in teh year there was lots of talk about protection, so possibly>?
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    richard III

    I talked about Pacino's ambition as a director and actor, the ambition of the actors (only a little) to do something like this that helps people understand Shakespeare and the ambition of Richard. In terms of identitiy, I talked about the deformity and how Pacino used that.
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    13 years of our lives leading up to this moment..

    In regards to OP, you cut me deep when you said just UWS! Is it *that* bad?
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    advantages and disadvantages of aquaculture

    you need to have a specific case study i chose ATlantic Salmon which is GM and is now called 'Aqua Advantage' ADVANTAGES: greater yield/ fish therefore less strain on fish stocks the fish are sterile and tehrefore teh gene cant escape DISADANTAGES: not a self- sustainingg breed and need to...
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    All gurls are bimbos

    Can you be none of the aforementioned qualities?