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    POST- HSC anxiety

    i feel really bad about most of my exams, i remember all the qus i failed pathetically on, but i guess among the bad qus there should be some good ones. i hope. but im trying not to think about my uai, i will be on the other side of the world for the next year and that little uni number will...
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    Stupid exam...

    that was the best exam. i couldnt have asked for anything else. the qu were really accessible and the essays were all good too. i have needed this one cos i failed all my other exams! thank GOD for art and that paper
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    The Future Of Your BOW

    i did big panels of b&w photographs stitched together, all of my childhood and stuff so they can go on the wall, as for my little conceptual cameras, im thinking they can go back to where they came from - the recycle centre
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    Art Express?

    my work is in sydney still, havent found out if ive been selected, though i doubt i will be. its good to know that i got a high mark anyway lol i personally dont care if i get in or not, i havent been too impressed the last few years of artexpress, there are probably a handful of good works and...
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    exam: which artists?

    i used Joseph Beuys, Jackson Pollock and Mike Parr...twas perfect for the essay!
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    How did you find the EE1 HSC Paper?

    individual and society qu was good, but creative qu was crappy. lol so not a 19thC picture!! i have a feeling i failed miserably on that qu, but the essay was gooooooood. 11pgs creative, 20pgs essay EXTENSION IS ALL OVER!! I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME!!! (pity about the 3 exams remaining....)
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    come on tx crew, post some replys

    i was shocked when i saw qu14... typical they decide to shake up the paper when its my year... im not sure how i went, i did well in the trial and all the past papers i did in study but its almost been a waste. they examined barely anything! i was really looking forward to a good qu on culture...
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    Who's doing Speeches??

    they have only ever asked for lincoln, and that was a few years ago...my teacher thinks that because last year was such an open, inviting paper, that this year there might be a bit of a shake-up... i think that if they do specify (though i hope they dont), they'd specifiy either one of the more...
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    What mark will you get in drama?

    this thread sounds so self indulgent! lol but in saying that im not going to break trend, cos i really hope to get a band6. if my hsc marks are similar to my trial marks, ill get a high band 6. plus i would really like a nomination for onstage, but i hope i get nominated and dont get in cos ill...
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    colourful log books?

    they wouldn't ask for a log book if it didn't mean anything to them in the end... for all my character profiles in both gp and ip logs i made collages of pix; not only fun look at and read but also fun to make! lol i found it was a good way to chill the night before my performances. as for my...
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    Oh My God!

    it was so bizarre, cos you work so hard for one performance and once you've done it then thats it....how depressing! i didnt feel nervous because i was sure i knew what i was doing and all that, but my stomach was in knots! felt so sick walking in! plus it was strange cos ive been an audience...
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    How did you go in BOS performance???

    yeh, its true about onstage, the markers were speaking to my teacher and they said that over 300 people are nominated for onstage each year, but out of those 300 only about 20 or whatever actually get in. from the initial nominations, the politics of onstage begins cos there are a certain amount...
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    What mark will you get in drama?

    i expect a band 6, if my results in trials are anything to go by... my class is examined on thursday so we'll have to wait and see!
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    ITS OVER!! thread

    omg its all over - THANK GOD! only thing left is the hsc...tonight my school is having a little exhibition of all the works its such a relief seeing all the finished works...we all did so well! congratulations yr12 art students of 2005 - we have finished our bows. :)
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    Friends or not friends, that is the question!

    i kinda agree but at the same time disagree... i am in a group totaling 3 people and none of us had worked together before yr12, i mean, we had been in school plays and things together but not working so intimately as a small group until now. our play is really kool, i really like it cos its...
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    Hsc Dates! Meep!

    1st September --> im looking forward to it, all hard work will pay off
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    Trial performances

    trials were quite a while ago, im happy with how i went. ip was good, 28/30 and our group was under time so the highest we could get was a B, turned out to be about 23/30 so im happy. and my hsc performances is on september the 1st...that gonna be a great day, then all 4 of my major works will...
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    How Much Have You Done By Now?

    wow hand in day is next week OMG! cant believe it has crept up so quickly...so much work to do before then! for all those who said we should have finished 1st drafts when i first created this thread, i wont say how many words i need to make limit cos its a few. r/s is nearly finished, final...
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    Class of 05: Major Projects

    im finishing everything off for my mtp as i speak...allz needed is 2 buttonholes on my prac and finish putting everything into my folio - THANK GOD THE END IS NIGH! my school is having a little expo of the yr12 work to show off our masterpieces - im sure ill be suffering withdrawal symptoms...
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    change IP?

    mishelli, its kool cos u changed without much hassel! well done. cant wait for the crude rude protrude dubious boobies beep beep script. so much better than my ip! luv ya!