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  1. chantellet

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    man that guy was heaps funny. on superhero night my (guy) mate was wearing a shirt that said "I aim to please" and was wearing these weird pants he bought in noumea and the sailor guy went up to him and goes "you won't be pleasing anyone in those pants!" lol priceless... we were in histerics. He...
  2. chantellet

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    these are some of my photos, sorry i dont know how to put them in the actual post
  3. chantellet

    Learning about sex/private parts

    You'd be surprised how young kids are when they find this stuff out these days. Alot of parents don't seem to mind what their kids watch on TV. And they're gonna find out eventually, usually off their friends rather than their parents or teachers so in a way I guess its better for them to learn...
  4. chantellet

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    The cruise was the absolute best!! So much freakin fun :):):) Although right now I am bed ridden from some virus i caught, not exactly the best way to finish off a holiday. I haven't left my house since I got home from the cruise, except to go to the doctor.. :( Anyone else get sick?? I hope not...
  5. chantellet

    What are your focus studies?

    workplace and family... i have no real problems with workplace and theres been plenty of media files and cases this year so thats good but family - so screwed. we had a different teacher for family and he was hopeless so now i'm just learning it from my bf's notes cos i dont have any decent...
  6. chantellet

    girls doing physics

    hardly seems fair does it? Oh well it just makes it more fun when we kick their butts at it :) lol
  7. chantellet

    girls doing physics

    I think it's because the sciences have always been male dominated and since physics is one of the hardest they just don't encourage girls to do it.. Cos cmon its not exactly a *fun* subject. And the people who are mostly interested in this kind of stuff are guys. Also maybe people still...
  8. chantellet

    What you expected?

    It was pretty much what I had expected it to be.. The Source wasn't too difficult to grasp and the question was nothing out of the blue. The Q2 kinda threw me off a bit, but I think I did alright once I figured out what I was going to do
  9. chantellet

    What you expected?

    What did everyone think? Was it harder than you expected? Easier? Or was it basically what you thought?
  10. chantellet

    How To focus when all your friends are finished...damn it!

    Lots of my friends finish on the same day as me with legal studies so we are all going out for a massive night on the town which will be awesome. I think if you've got something to look forward to then it helps get through the days. As for getting motivated I think a way you can look at it is -...
  11. chantellet


    My parents don't conciously put pressure on me but they've always just expected me to do well and try hard because my older brother dropped out of school. So yeah there is kinda that expectation for me to do well, but more than anyone else I put the pressure on myself because I know what I'm...
  12. chantellet

    girls doing physics

    I was the only girl in my physics class and I was wondering what the ratio is of boys to girls of people who do physics. How many girls were there in classes at other schools?
  13. chantellet

    Yr 12 - Pictures of your study area.

    Sadly no.. I was feeling awfully neat that day and decided to organise my notes into a pile for each topic, so yeah thats how it ended up.. If u don't believe me u should see my wardrobe (colour-coded) lol, i just get in moods where everything has to be in order.. Usually when I'm trying to...
  14. chantellet


    Well let me speak from his point of view.. I'm moving away for uni and leaving my guy behind but this is what I want to do really badly and nothing would make me give it up. I know it probably won't work out with us and thats something I have to cope with but all you can do is enjoy the time you...
  15. chantellet

    what do you do with your hands?

    lol I think i did... woops.. oh well
  16. chantellet

    what do you do with your hands?

    Girls tend to play with their hair alot, I know I do, I think it's a nervous thing.. I also seem to *twiddle my fingers* just out of habit.. But yeah I can't really think of what else..
  17. chantellet

    anyone heard of this?

    me too!! :) Yeah I know a few people who have done this but in a way I think it makes them grow up too fast. My friend, who is a few years older than me, accelerated and finished like 2 or 3 yrs early and then went straight to uni. Because she was hanging out with older people she always...
  18. chantellet

    So.. tell me abit about yourself

    Oh the question i hate is "what are your bad qualities".... Like your gonna tell them bad stuff about yourself. Who actually does this? "Ah well actually I'm lazy and I have no tolerence for dumb people. I tend to be racist sometimes and I have trouble getting to places on time..." Yeah...
  19. chantellet

    Bored: Ironic useless fact.

    Hey I was in that class too. I sat in the third row, 4th desk along... Remember me? ;)
  20. chantellet

    who's gonna sleep tonight??

    I don't think I'm going to have a choice.. I haven't been sleeping well lately anyway and I'm so stressed about physics, I feel like I know nothing even tho i've been studying for ages... So my time will be used wisely cramming as well instead of aimlessly lying in bed trying to convince my eyes...