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  1. angelique455

    Writing your name in section III

    Don't worry you won't get zero. I was reading an essay from the student answers books from pervious years and i came across an essay that has these large crosses on a word; presumably someone's name. So please don't worry about it. As long as you answered the question it should be fine.
  2. angelique455

    RE: greek and indonesian beginners

    Does anyone do Modern Greek beginners or indonesian beginners? How did you feel about the listening and writing exams?
  3. angelique455

    what's that word?

    It is an epiphany or an awakening.
  4. angelique455

    what's that word?

    it's an epiphany or an awakening.
  5. angelique455

    what's that word?

    it's an epiphany or an awakening.
  6. angelique455

    help would be tops!

    i suggest you choose a picture book or a film. picture books are great for im. j. as it is simple yet effective with various layers to analyse.
  7. angelique455

    Ways of Thinking Individual and Society

    When critically analysing a nineteenth century text you have to include the paradigms (ways of thinking), these include religious, philosophical, economic and scientific and how they are shown in the selected text. You also must analyse the individual in society-their relationship in regards to...