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  1. Dabzz

    Dat 7 marker.

    I did child soldiers. I think you could've chosen to go with any because it did not specify.
  2. Dabzz

    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

  3. Dabzz

    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    MC good. Last one was stupid and none of the 'choices' were correct. Peace rights.... made that up. HR was okay. Family and shelter essays were a Godsend. Crime 15 marker- ugh.
  4. Dabzz

    Section 3 - Extended Response

    My thesis was the attitudes of others may conflict with the attitude of the individual, and it is therefore the choice of the individual to overcome the attitudes of others (as barriers) in order to belong. Used ST PATS- the mother's attitude, the religious teachings of the school (as an...
  5. Dabzz

    anyone ready to start yr 12???

    Don't drop LEGAL! Year 12 Legal is awesome! So much better than year 11.
  6. Dabzz

    anyone ready to start yr 12???

    Well I hope you've enjoyed your last 'actual' holiday. Once year 12 starts, the only thing you'll be thinking of is BELONGING, essays, past papers, HSC online.... The list goes on but I'll stop there to save you the ugliness that the next 4 terms that are about to come. Enjoy.
  7. Dabzz

    1 week to go!

    Oh my life. One week. Feeling kind of overwhelmed but don't know what to do...to study or not to study?
  8. Dabzz

    Does Australia have a Muslim Problem?

    Reality check. If you knew anything about Muslims you'd know that "bearded men" is the biggest stereotype. Honestly people, move on!
  9. Dabzz

    Who is Australia's greatest Prime Minister over the past thirty years?

    Take it back an extra bunch of years and GOUGH WHITLAM ought to be the NUMBER ONE PRIME MINISTER IN AUSTRALIAN HISTORY. The rest are all SPEDS.
  10. Dabzz

    Roll Call: Class of 2013

    Greetings! English Adv English Ext1 English Ext2 Society and Culture Legal Studies Biology Mathematics 2u ATAR aim 95+
  11. Dabzz

    State rank in Society

    My sis got a 99 and that ranked her 10th in NSW overall in 2009. Its gotta be pretty high... but I know a girl who came 5th with a mark of 99 last year... So it all depends on the cohort of NSW students...
  12. Dabzz

    Islam cartoon pulled from student newspaper website

    This is rubbish. The university had every right to remove it. Seriously... some people..
  13. Dabzz

    Anyone burn out yet??

    I should just drop out now.
  14. Dabzz

    What career would you pursue if you knew you couldn't fail?

    Medicine. OR becoming the Prime Minister.
  15. Dabzz

    screwed up my life, help please...

    My advice: Chillax.
  16. Dabzz

    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    Can someone please post up the exam if they have it...?? Thanksss
  17. Dabzz

    2012 Legal Studies Exam Paper

    OMG THANKYOU SO MUCH. Seemed like an okay paper.
  18. Dabzz

    Multiple Choice

    Yes. Pleaasseee! :)
  19. Dabzz

    What exacty did people right about for CRIME?

    Hello there, would someone mind filling me in about what was in the Legal exam this year?? I'm in year 11 (just started yr 12) and I'm dying to know!! Thanks peeps.