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  1. ElendilPeredhil

    Laptop in classes?

    Don't worry, you're right tp use your laptop- remember that the desks especially in lecture halls are very small tho. Don't know about IT specifically, but in the Comm courses probably 20% of the class brings a laptop to their classes
  2. ElendilPeredhil

    It's A Trap!

    pfft...I'd still date a chick who used to have a dick...if I liked her and found her attractive...
  3. ElendilPeredhil

    Dominican Republic

    going for 4 weeks to work with the community. has anyone been here, or to this region (carribean)? do you think knowing some spanish would help?
  4. ElendilPeredhil

    How do i know if my story is good enough?

    Try giving it to someone outside the school enviroment. And it is possible to not go postmodern-y and get high marks...my story was set in WW2, eastern front, in first person, and the markers gave me 50 for it.
  5. ElendilPeredhil

    Internal marks dont count?

    Internal and external marks both count. according to my HSC sheet: External: 50 Internal: 48 Total HSC Mark: 49 (the mark used for my UAI calcuation) ...Duh:)
  6. ElendilPeredhil

    About Deferring Uni For A Year

    I deferred. Worked, saved, it was good. And it really makes no difference when you get back to uni, unless you were planning on sitting in lectures with the same friends you had all though high school.
  7. ElendilPeredhil

    What are you currently Reading?

    lol. it is too. my favourite series of books and I fucked the author's name. :D
  8. ElendilPeredhil

    When do you get your demerit points back?

    No need to be rude. Everyone has bad days.
  9. ElendilPeredhil

    What are you currently Reading?

    Duncton Found, by William Atwood. Better than LOtR, in some ways.
  10. ElendilPeredhil

    When do you get your demerit points back?

    I'm on my red P's and yesterday did something extremely stupid, resulting in the loss of three points. When do I get my points back again? I tried looking it up online but I can't find anywhere that actually explains the points system, not even the RTA website. I would have asked the cop...
  11. ElendilPeredhil

    essay writing for admission.

    Hey guys...I was wondering, does anyone know just how formal an essay needs to be when the topic is basically "tell us about yourself and why you want to do this course" Like, how does one write an essay on that topic- wouln't it be more like...(i can't even think of anything)...an...
  12. ElendilPeredhil

    P's test

    So I passed my P's test a couple of weeks ago...yay! The first time I went I failed. 89%. The secondtime, I had this nice old man taking me, and I didn't do any manouvers...all I did was pull into the curb and stop- no parking, no three point turn...it was bizarre and made me terrified I'd...
  13. ElendilPeredhil

    What do you consider to be 'good' fantasy?

    The Simarilion is unfortunately written. It has the elements of many good stories in it (of which the Hurin stories is one) however it may not appeal to you if you are actually looking for a narrative like LOTR as it is written in a kind of encyclopeadic style. The Story of Galadriel and...
  14. ElendilPeredhil

    Awesome Female Characters in Literature

    Nan, Florence& Diana from Tipping the Velvet Sue& Muad (and Mrs Suxsby) from Fingersmith Ellie definitely. Marina from So Much to Tell You
  15. ElendilPeredhil

    Big W group interview

    Nope. :( Lol. I got a job at Macca's instead. Don't know if that's good or bad:)
  16. ElendilPeredhil

    Big W group interview

    Thanks for the tips. Interview went really well I thought.
  17. ElendilPeredhil

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    Factory Hand at Packaging Professionals $17.70 p/h usually earn $551
  18. ElendilPeredhil

    Big W group interview

    uh...Big W. Bathurst. Thanks, it really can be. I think Coles is worse though.
  19. ElendilPeredhil

    Big W group interview

    I have an intervuew for Big W tomorrow but they told me it was a group assessment, which I've never had before. Are group interviews normal? Does anyone have any idea what kind of tasks you have to perform "with others" and what kind of things they are looking for in an employee?
  20. ElendilPeredhil

    Juggling Three jobs

    Heya, I'm just looking for some advice on differnet jobs. My problem is that in a few days I could have three jobs, at overlapping times. I got a factory job, working 7-5:30 Mon-Thurs Its slowed down a bit and I haven't worked in two weeks, but my boss said it should pick up again in a week...