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    Semester 1 USYD Chatter Thread 2013

    Did a fair bit of work to prepare then know I stuffed up a calculus quiz so badly, am about 90% sure I failed and am quite concerned :/
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    ANY UMAT resources ?

    I'm also looking for some UMAT resources. If anyone has any they could send me it would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you!
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    The official Medical Science thread

    Hi, I'm thinking of doing medical science next year and just have a quick question :) I am either thinking of going to USYD or UNSW next year. (got an atar of 97) The problem is I only did General Maths (mid band 6 for it) and was wondering how hard the maths units in first year are? I will...
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    E4/Band 6 cut off for Extension English?

    What do you guys think the raw mark would be for a HSC mark around 40?
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    I think negativley arguging the quesiton may have stuffed me up, I should have made more emphasis on the fact that their wasn't a diffeent strong political party. Oh well, goodbye band 6 :/
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    I did the Germany part a question, think I stuffed it up by taking a negative line to it though saying it was only true to a 'small extent':l I talked about how opposition was present in the beginning-> talked about the Beer Hall Putsch, how the army oppossed Hitler's plans/showed that their...
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    Section II - National Studies

    For Germany I really wanted a Nazis in power question but neither were too horrific and I just ended up doing part a and think I did okay :)
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    Why do we need both B and T Cells?

    For antibody mediated: The helper T-cells stimulate the cloning of the B cells when they recognise the 'foreign' ----> some become memory b cells that remain in the body ------> Most of these b cells form plasma cells ---> plasma cells secrete the antibodies So basically, without the T...
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    How many pages did you write for each section?

    Module A:8 Module B: 5 Module C: 8 And I fit about 9 words a line or so, so fairly happy with that effort:) So hopefully I answered the questions right
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    Harwood module b predictions

    I've learnt a few quotes from each of the poems and I know 2 in depth and 1 pretty well. A broad question where we have to write about 2 poems of our own choice would be nice :) What they may do is not specify a poem, yet have a question that's restrictive/difficult to talk about certain...
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    Section 1 - Stimulus

    Misinterpreted the poem, whoops. Hopefully it doesn't matter too much, I did write something down for the 2 marker about their relationship and didn't use it for the 5 marker so lets hope it goes okay :) Despite doing it first and spending the most time on it feel like I stuffed this section up...
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    How many pages did you write for each section?

    Section 1: 6 pages/2 booklets Section 2: 4 and a half pages/2 booklets Section 3: 6 pages/2 booklets (started the first sentence of my conclusion, didn't finish ti though gah oh well)
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    Romulus My Father: How many characters?

    Who I end up talking about will depend on the question, but I'll most likely focus on Raimond, Romulus and Christine. If it specifies/allows me to talk about relationships, I mention in passing Milka and Hora (as in just listing the relationships that function within the novel) I analyse...
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    The Umat Results 2012.

    Haha, everyone I knew that did it were basically geniuses. It's half me trying to make myself feel better, for quite a while after checking the email I felt quite stupid. :P. I'm dealing with it surprisingly well actually though, no point dwelling on what has already happened.
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    The Umat Results 2012.

    Section 1: 51 Section 2: 55 Section 3: 46 Percentile: 48 Ah well, knew this wasn't going to be easy and I told myself I'd be happy with a 50th percentile, and I was close. :) For those like me who didn't go so well, chin up there is always a chance to get around it :) We all attempted a test...
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    Genre Theory?

    Does anyone know where I would be able to find reliable and useful genre theory quotes? (either internet or books) I have a few, but my teacher suggests I need to make my essay more theoretical to improve it. I've included about 2 in my past assessment (10 minute speech) but due to time...
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    IPT Scaling

    How much would rank affect your mark for this subject? I have a very small class (6 people) for IPT and the lowest mark that anyone has received for any assessment task is about 80%. I'm currently either ranked first or second with about 85-95% for most assessments, but with everyone achieving...
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    Effective study for UMAT?

    Does anyone know where I can get good UMAT practice papers for 50 dollars or under? (Free would be great, but I know that is probably highly unlikely) I only decided I wanted to do the UMAT and try for medicine very late (only registered for the test on the closing day) and I couldn't afford...