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    So what did everyone think of it??

    what did people who did the racial policy question foir germany do, seemed to me it was pretty open kinda question and u could really related almost anything haha
  2. M

    Germany - Hitler + Nazi Racist Policies

    YEah pretty tasty, wasn't what i expected but still good, what did everyone talk about in it cos really theres a variety of stuff you could have mentioned
  3. M

    How many pages? What order for essays?

    I did economic activity first finished booklet then did MC and WC and got a booklet and a page and screwed time with Management and got about 7 pages
  4. M

    got a fetish?

    Thunderstorms turn me on haha
  5. M

    Rock Sucks - alternative??

    Mate how about u try playing tornado of souls by megadeth completely including solo and singing it