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  1. Megan5


    There is a place called the Sound Lounge in Nimbin where all the locals hang. When I was there, I hung out there and bonded/jammed with all the locals. Much fun. Definitely check it out if you've got a few hours spare. It's an insanely psychedelic place. I found it to be best later at night...
  2. Megan5

    Creative or visual arts degrees

    Umm, as far as I know, Sydney has no fine arts degree. If you want to do something along the lines of that you can do fine arts at COFA (College of Fine Arts) which is part of UNSW.
  3. Megan5

    ENGL1025- what the?

    Yep, the Co-op on campus. It's about 180 pages. Quite short.
  4. Megan5

    ENGL1025- what the?

    Yeah, I have started reading it. I bought it from Co-op for about $12 I think. I don't mind this subject. Lectures are really annoying me at the moment though. I think he reads off his notes too much. It sounded like he was reading out sections of an essay today, which made it hard to...
  5. Megan5

    ENGL1025- what the?

    Yeah, to be honest, I'm not enjoying this subject much either, which is really frustrating. It just seems all over the place, with no real direction. Like he went on and on about modernity and what not, only to say that it's not really what fiction, film and power is about. I don't know...
  6. Megan5

    Elite Athletes

    Well Done! I'm positive mine wasn't successful, unfortunately. I have a feeling it was because my school didn't provide me with documentation on how many days I had off school. So that little part was missing. A little pee'd but it is partly my fault. We shall see I guess, not too worried really...
  7. Megan5

    Whats your style??

    Favourite brand? I don't have a favourite brand. Favourite designer label? *shrugs* myself? Favourite Shop? Quick Brown Fox. Latest purchase? Red shirt. Next purchase? Hopefully this amazing, crazy yellow top. What do you have on lay-by? Nothing. Most expensive purchase? A dress. Which...
  8. Megan5

    Elliott Smith

    Favourite album would have to be Either/Or with my favourite songs being Angeles, Between the Bars, Fond Farewell and Miss Misery.
  9. Megan5

    Your First Bf/Gf...

    It's cool :)
  10. Megan5

    Your First Bf/Gf...

    Poor choice of words. What I was trying to imply.. is that the relationship itself was too intense... and therefore it ended.
  11. Megan5

    Your First Bf/Gf...

    There are some relationships that are so intense they kill themselves. That is how I would have to describe my relationship with my first partner. It was too full on, then other people got involved and then - I just had enough of her and the whole situation and it was over. We remain really...
  12. Megan5

    Lost Pin

    Yeah.. mine has gone.. missing too.. I'll worry about it after HSC as well and spend a good day searching the house for it.. If I can't find it, I'll probably search the BOS site, or talk to our schools careers advisor. I'd prefer to get my results through my student online account, then through...
  13. Megan5

    losing weight?

    Its important to be careful with losing weight. It's too easy to get carried away. For example, I lost a total of about 10kg in 2 months this year, found myself fighting anorexia. Just stay aware - that was my mistake. Be smart, don't fuck your body up.
  14. Megan5

    Bands you MUST see before you die

    Marilyn Manson. I missed him last time. I'd give my right arm to see Elliot Smith. It is a shame he is dead. And I must see The Distillers. I have this.. obsession with Brody Dalle. She's gorgeous. I'd also love to see The Dresden Dolls and Placebo again. Both brilliant live.
  15. Megan5


    Yeah I had a few. Twenty minutes into the exam, a blow fly landed on my shirt. Scared the shit out of me. Thought I was hallucinating. Then, about three times, some idiotic girl was screaming at someone in the corrider. Examiners had to go out and tell her to shut up.. twice.. Asking for extra...
  16. Megan5

    Arab-Israeli Question - What did you think?

    The four wars [1948, suez crisis, 6 day war and yom kippur + peace process] were burned into my memory. I hardly studied for Arab/Israeli and was an absolute wreck this morning - thinking I was going to fail that section and that they would ask settler movement or two extremely hard and specific...
  17. Megan5

    creative writing poll

    Hahaha, while I want to become a journalist, at some point in my life, I'm looking to be a children's book author... So in that sense, creative writing has helped me a little.
  18. Megan5

    stupid mistake

    Stress less.. It will be ok. I was thinking the same in the exam. "Only two extracts!!" [I did Wuthering Heights] and i figured, they cannot take marks off you if the work is there, they just won't consider it. Better to have it then not have enough. I screwed up way worse than that. A simple...
  19. Megan5

    General Thoughts: English Adv. Paper 2 (Modules)

    I can't believe that exam. I really... can't. I prepared myself for the worse - I knew it would be hard.. But that, was nothing I imagined. The Critical study questions - ridiculous. That was my best module too. Before this exam. I wrote what I thought, and I managed an answer. The other...
  20. Megan5

    Predictions for Paper 2

    Module A - Essay. Module B - Transcript/Interview. Module C - Either a speech or article. Can't decide...