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  1. cakes

    majors in commerce

    Do Marketing! It doesn't get boring :) It's very interesting and fun to study yet intellectual, good career prospects, enjoyable to work in, good money. There are also many different career options within marketing :) Finance and accounting majors are really popular because people think...
  2. cakes

    advertising creative principles

    stupidest subject ever!
  3. cakes

    usyd "social life"

    subski parties are pretty fun :p
  4. cakes

    Need urgent help: Economics and social science

    in economics you'll need to do econometrics subjects as prereqs and yeah they are mathsy you dont need to know maths for political econonmy a political economy minor is 28 cp, economics minor is 40cp IR/HRM and govt majors are 44cp oh yeah.. it says you cant do more than 60 junior credit...
  5. cakes

    Need urgent help: Economics and social science

    well the course is 144 credit points, and you need at least 88 of them to be from eco+bus faculty so i guess you have a max of56 credit points for other faculties.. so i guess you can do psych english and film studies if you organise yourself somehow:) should be possible? unless im getting...
  6. cakes

    B Design in Fashion and Textile Design B Arts in International Studies

    yeah it was 99.00 in 2003, but the cut off dropped heaps for 2004, i think down to 90, because i know a few people doing fashion/international studies this year and they got around 97.
  7. cakes

    Psychology anyone?

    i'm doing it as an elective as well , it's good! really interesting! yeh you could probably major in psych in a social sciences degree, or science, or arts, even economics...
  8. cakes

    so I wanna get a library card at USYD

    LMAO!!! yay i have heaps of stickers...
  9. cakes

    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    hahaah i used to go heaps.. gawd going to art house tonight... lee cabrera, yay!
  10. cakes

    semester 2 timetable

    my timetable isn't tooooooo bad... mondays off tuesdays 10-5 wednesdays off thursdays 11-4 fridays 11-4
  11. cakes

    Bcommerce and beconomics and psychology

    yeah you can do an additional major in psych in b commerce in b economics, you have to major in economics or econometrics, but again, you can do an additional major in finance thats what i can gather from the handbook :confused:
  12. cakes

    exam results

    credits in micro, marketing, and econometrics.. distinction in psych im quite surprised lol i thought metrics was a certain fail and i was doin heaps shit in micro and marketing haha
  13. cakes

    exam results

    only gotten 1 so far... psychology.. 79.... not too bad, but wanted better!
  14. cakes

    past papers?

    hehe i threw all my notes out the minute i got home from my last exam... so i hope i pass everything! lol
  15. cakes

    Anyone do Marketing?

    i do marketing! it's great!
  16. cakes


    ECMT is so evil
  17. cakes

    If you could do the HSC again, which subjects would you change?

    i did 3 unit english 3 unit maths 3 unit music economics if i could do the hsc again i would drop the 3rd unit of music and do modern history
  18. cakes

    mark twain -- adventures of huckleberry finn

    oh i did this for change last year :D lol
  19. cakes

    What do you look for in the opposite sex?

    don't be disgusting