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  1. SuperAltastic

    Best economics dictionary?

    Hey for your HSC I would recommend in addition to the dictionary some tips that helped me a great deal. - This is a proof and data subject the more meaningful stats you can use the better someone had inspired me to make this template I genuinely cannot remember which set of notes it was from...
  2. SuperAltastic

    How to increase essays from consistent 16/20 to 19-20/20?

    Hey, This is just some feedback I had gotten in my HSC so passing it on hope it helps Ya! 1. Look at others essays who have done the HSC in the past and what they do well each time as well as their areas of improvement, the more exposure you have to reading others work the better you can...
  3. SuperAltastic

    Bio or Eco?

    Well when you start at uni and you choose a natural sciences major (anything except stats, math, chem and phys) you will do first year biology. I did bio for the hsc and it helped only for first sem first year but thats about it from the next sem onwards it was all new stuff.
  4. SuperAltastic

    Chem Tutor | 99.70 | MULTI-Award UNSW Chem Student | HIGH Quality Booklets!

    I have known Jasnoor from high school (day 1) till now where we are at UNSW studying science and I can say without a doubt that his skills as a tutor and dedication to the craft of tutoring will yield you the results you desire (no pun intended). I would recommend him to anyone who wants the...
  5. SuperAltastic

    Semester 2 2018 Results Discussion Thread

    Any update on the numbers?
  6. SuperAltastic

    UNSW S1/18 Result Thread

    Pretty sure econ1102 is out is econ1202 out yet too?
  7. SuperAltastic

    UNSW S1/18 Result Thread

    Im pretty sure they scale the marks before they put them in for the final, also it might depends on your course coordinator if they might want to scale the marks or not.
  8. SuperAltastic

    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2017 1) Youtube it and just look for random stuff to get exposure. 3) SCIFF you dont need to worry about its ez pz its just like PBL and doing group work tasks each week dont stress and it doesnt have a course outline due to the nature of the course being so...
  9. SuperAltastic

    bio scaling

    Last year so 2016 HSC I got a raw of 85 and it scaled to a 91 so 6 marks. So to get a B6 you needed 84 raw. Idk but this year I thought was easier, so I say you might need 85-86 but again it also depends on how others perform in your cohort across a range of subjects.
  10. SuperAltastic

    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    Wam is still the same
  11. SuperAltastic

    Does uni provide Microsoft office programs for free

    Yeah UNSW does when you enrol you get the entire suite for free.
  12. SuperAltastic

    is 80 WAM acheivable in commerce first year???

    Yes it is I, and it all comes down to what subjects you do. For examples certain ones like mgmt1001 mark really harsh and people get like 51 to just pass. I am on a 80 wam but I also did the science subjects that were medium hard but not too much. If you really had to put hours to it you need to...
  13. SuperAltastic

    Official UNSW S2 2017 Results Discussion

    Pretty sure it will work in a couple of days once all exams are over.
  14. SuperAltastic

    Actl2111, Actl2131, Fins1613, Fins1612, Fins2624, Econ2206

    Yeah do FINS1613 in sem 1 its pretty good then (I did s1/2017) you probs have Rob as your lecturer and he is a finance beast. Its a bit more content in sem 1 but the exams are very fair and they scale the marks if the performance is not that great. 2206 is introduction to econometrics unless you...
  15. SuperAltastic

    Commerce Vs Economics

    Commerce is quite board and teaches you small parts about financial services as in you do a bit of management, accounting, finance, taxation law and some international business options as well as stats in first year and you can than specialise from there on. Where as economics is the study of...
  16. SuperAltastic

    Extracurricular Activities

    Re: Extracurricular leadership stuffs
  17. SuperAltastic

    How to study for the new science syllabuses?

    In addition to what jazz519 said, I would first print out my prelim syllabi and read them to get a feel for what they are going to ask. Than to best practice for the HSC (as that is what prelim is, a chance to make any mistake you want i.e. the ways to take notes, memorise or not to memorise or...
  18. SuperAltastic

    collision theory ror

    I used this acronym to memorise it, even use it in uni still. Its called COPAT, easy way to remember them. C - Concentration O - Orientation and Size P - Particle Size (same as surface area) A - Activation Energy (Nature of reactants) T - Temperature