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    Critical Path Analysis

    I get so confused because it says the CPA is the shortest time taken for the tasks to be complete?
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    Question about Section 4 of the exam

    Hey guys On the board of studies website, as well as the TSFX lectures, I was informed that for section 3 they can test a range of HSC topics (like combining marketing/finance etc. in the stimulus) but for section for that each question would be a DIFFERENT TOPIC, ie. question 26: ONLY...
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    Technically were we supposed to have "environmental policies" for Q28??

    I did environmental policies but realised I didn't talk abotu distribution of income and wealth at all..
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    Straight commerce degree or commerce/law?

    So would you say that macquarie is 'crap?'
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    Straight commerce degree or commerce/law?

    Hey guys I was just wondering if it is better to do a straight commerce degree at a more prestigious university, ie. UNSW, or a combined commerce/law degree at one that is less prestigious such as Macquarie? I've heard that you'd be more employable if you do a commerce/law degree (I don't...
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    Business Studies specimen question

    Hey guys can anyone pls explain to me how to do question 9 of the speciment paper? the answer is C, but I don't know how they calculated the 'cash balance,' I thought it was cash sales - expenses but clearly I did it wrong...
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    Band 6 English

    Hey guys just wondering to get a band 6 for english would we need to get band 6 (13/15 and up) for every single module and the creative/essay for belonging? If for example we got band 6's for everything but screwed up and got band 5 for one essay would that still be a band 6?
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    So my teacher said this is how the ATAR is calculated, true or false?

    I've heard that although the trial usually counts for around 30% of the internal mark for most schools - the board of studies arranges it so that the trial is practically 100% of the internal... is this true? Cause people have time me that they screwed up their half yearlies and aced trials and...
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    Trials + Other Assessments

    Do trials go for two weeks? My school hasn't even given us our timetable yet which sucks
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    How's everyone coping?

    I'm getting stressed too but I can't start studying for trials yet - 3 more assessment this term. Just going to have to work my butt off in the holidays.
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    How's everyone coping?

    well I don't think my school is that slow, we've done most of the english course but we only started module C a week ago. For Business we have only done Marketing, Finance and then all the global sections of the other topics and we are starting Operations soon so I guess we are pretty behind for...
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    Is anyone burning out?

    I'm not burning out but I am getting pretty lazy. I talk to my friends at school and they don't seem to be doing too much study so then in turn, I don't do much either. How many hours are u guys doing? I hate studying in winter
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    How's everyone coping?

    Wow your school has finished the English course already? That's amazing. We're sitll on module C and haven't even touched the core text yet. What topics have u done for Business?
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    How's everyone coping?

    Have you guys started studying for trials? I was supposed to start weeks ago but I have been snowed under with assessments that I haven't had time for revision. I honestly don't know a single person at my school who has started studying for trials (and my school isn't that bad either)
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    Secrets to keeping warm?

    I get cold very very easily so at school I wear my long sleeve pyjama shirt/or thermals, my school t-shirt, my jumper, my jersey and my blazer. I am terrible at studying in winter though. I have been sleeping really early. My heater at home has been dead (It stopped working on the first of...
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    Please help - swap contracts and option contracts

    Hi guys can someone please explain what swap contracts/option contracts are? I don't really understand the wording in the textbook and I asked my teacher who didn't explain it very well - even she had to look at the textbook!
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    Bill of exchange vs. Letter of Credit

    Hey guys I'm a bit confused about the difference between a letter of credit and bill of exchange. I've heard that a letter of credit is less risky and a bill of exchange is the riskiest payment method but I don't understand why. This is what I know about letter of credit: A letter of credit is...
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    External Stability - is the Tim Riley book good at explaining this?

    I am having a lot of trouble understanding External Stability, I use Tim Dixon's book at school. Does anyone who has the Tim Riley book think the external stability chapter in it is good and worth purchasing?
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    How many words are your essays?

    Hey guys, I was wondering how long your essays were and what your teachers expect of you? At my school we are suggested to do 200 word intro, about 300 words for each text (so four in total, 2 core and 2 related, meaning 1200) along with a 200 word conclusion. That adds up to 1600 words. In my...
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    What time do you guys sleep on a school night?

    Since there was a thread asking what time everyone work up, I thought it'd be interesting to see what time you guys sleep :)