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    ATAR fluctuations

    I think you will be. ATARs don't fluctuate *that* much every year. Good luck :)
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    Honours (USYD or UWS?)

    Honours, from my knowledge is the same in all universities where you are either invited or can apply at the end of your second year. It may be different for each course but in mine, they take into consideration your grades in the first two years of your degree (has to be in the same uni) By...
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    Newcastle to USYD (Occupational Therapy)

    Internal transfer into OT is not as competitive as say, physio. Not sure what grades you need to get but around a 68-75 WAM (which is a high credit to distinction range) should suffice. If you're transferring from another uni, you can get easily get in with a distinction average and since they...
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    early offer

    Most offers are made during main rounds and I think comm at unsw would make most offers during this time. Ignored offer = declined (there's a date at which you must accept the offer by which is stated on the page I'm pretty sure)
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    ACU or UWS for education?

    Someone I know did education in ACU and didn't like it because the atmosphere wasn't as what they had hoped for. Apparently it was mostly mature-aged students so she transferred. Not sure about WSU though
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    Question about University offers

    I think you can but I just put mine right at the bottom
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    Speech Path

    Speechies are in Cumbo :)
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    Preferences Question UAC

    Always put the course you want most as your first preference. It doesn't matter if it's slightly below the last years cut-off because you still stand a chance.
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    Reading Recommendations

    BIOS1171: Neuroscience, Dale Purves & Neuroanatomy - An Illustrated Colour Text, David Neary and Alan Crossman HSBH1008: HSBH1007/BACH2410 Health Science Research & Research Methods, Dr Leigh Wilson and Deborah Black Happy reading :read:
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    is chemistry recomended for nutrition

    It is highly recommended but that isn't to say that it is impossible. They cover a bit of HSC biology and chemistry during the first few lectures and as long as you keep up to date especially in the first few week, you will be fine. I know from experience :)
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    External Transfer

    I think the cut off to apply for Feb round 1 was 27th January but if there are vacancies and you have a competitive GPA then I would say to give it a go.
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    iPad for uni?

    Quite a few people use them but I personally don't. Some popular apps include: iAnnotate, Evernote and iBooks which you'll have anyways.
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    What is the early offer uws 2015 program???

    You still get the subject and rural bonus points I believe.. but double check the website to be safe. Anyways, usually the courses with higher cut-offs or are competitive don't have early entry
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    Morning vs Afternoon Timetable

    I personally prefer morning classes. It's up to you and whether you're a morning person or not. You usually find that morning classes aren't as full as the midday or afternoon ones because most people like to start late and sleep in, etc.
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    Is it too late to change my course for 2015 to usyd?

    You have until midnight 27th Jan 2015 to change your preferences for February Rounds. Have a look here: http://www.uac.edu.au/documents/atar/2015-main-cutoffs.pdf for vacancies at USYD for engineering. Even if it's not vacant, it doesn't hurt to apply nonetheless because some people don't accept...
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    Tutorials before lectures? Which first?

    If tutorials come before lectures, they structure the course in the way that you go through week one content in week two tutes. So if you have a tutorial before your lecture in week one it might either not be on, or it would just be a introduction to the unit and your peers
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    Picking up science again in uni WITHOUT a bridging course?

    I didn't do any science in high school and had anatomy and physiology subjects for first and second semester. I remember it being a little difficult for weeks 2-3 when they went through basic chemistry and biology but it was easy to pick up on if you focused during lectures and had a decent...
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    Work experience for the field of Medicine

    Not really relevant to work experience via high school but you can look into the Gap Medics program if you want exposure to the healthcare environment - e.g. surgery. You have the opportunity to go overseas and shadow doctors in countries such a Tanzania, Croatia, Poland and Thailand...
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    Credit Transfer Documents from Previous Law School

    I applied for a credit transfer yesterday at USYD too. I think I did mine correctly so I'll tell you what I did, etc. After filling in the information for your particular unit copy and paste the study/unit description onto "additional information" and remember to tick "recognition of prior...
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    feb rounds

    It just means they have handed out enough offers for that course to fit their cohort size.