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  1. VonDavis

    My Mates drame major work Video

    why can we not watch the actual film?
  2. VonDavis


    I agree ... Your first film should not be your HSC drama major work.
  3. VonDavis


    what are you interested in? if you are more of a comedic person you should be able to do a comedic film ... If you are more of a thinker you could do a psychological drama ... If you are a lovey person do a love story... Even an art house flick there are so many genre's and depending on what you...
  4. VonDavis

    Sydney International Film school

    Is anybody planning on going here next year or are already going there at the moment?
  5. VonDavis


    for the HSC you did not have to worry about copyright but if you were to enter it to say tropfest you would need copyright ... I didn't use any songs with Lyrics all of my music was intrumental or background
  6. VonDavis


    There is a company that makes music especially for films and they are already copyrighted so you do not have to worry about that stuff ... I use them .... But otherwise I get people to compose stuff for me
  7. VonDavis

    How many?

    We have two Drama classes my class: 4 groups (1/5, 2/4, 1/3) 4 Video Dramas 1 script 7 Performance The other class had: 5 groups (1/5, 3/4, 1/3) 2 costumes 1 analysis 1 set 1 script 8 monologues .... I think
  8. VonDavis

    Oh My God!

    What other majors did you have to complete? And are counting drama as two majors (IP and GDP)?
  9. VonDavis


    She was the one who had not started ... OOh well what a crazy girl ... It seemed a bit dissapointing considering that she had so much time to do the actual film. I made mine in about 2 months because I knew Vid drama was easy for me so I procrastinated plus was too dedicated to my ext II...
  10. VonDavis


    no it sounds interesting. It would have been difficult to do considering how personal it was and then being able to relate that to an audience so that it was a good and easy watch for them .... I feel very different about my piece now .... everybody seems to have done a very personal film that...
  11. VonDavis

    How did you go in BOS performance???

    That is a very strong statement ... Good Luck ... I hope to see your name in the program next year now that you have made that assumption. No sorry I am being mean. I am glad you have that confidence regarding your IP. Don't set your entire HSC drama course around OnStage remember that it is...
  12. VonDavis

    How did you go in BOS performance???

    no you won't lose marks ... they will only mark what they saw ... For example if your entire performance was average and your ending was completely awesome and summed up the piece you are going to be severely disadvantaged because they stopped you not allowing you to finish. There is no such...
  13. VonDavis

    OnSTAGE 05

    after the results are sent back to you ... you will get a nomination from the markers and then you will have to send in a tape of your performance and from there you will either get in or you will not get in
  14. VonDavis

    2005 HSC Art Major works

    Is this documented art or a series of photographs? Either way that is awesome you definately deserve an artexpress nomination
  15. VonDavis


    Well just try to explain it ... My is quite difficult also
  16. VonDavis


    .... Apologies for the double post .... (Again) Now that we have handed in our Videos let's talk about them in detail. Screenplay, Characters, Genre, Shots, Music .... etc .... Now it is impossible for plagerism. I will briefly go first - My film is a psycological thriller, a thinking...
  17. VonDavis

    What's your critical response about?

    The contrasting representations of evil Classical Shakespearian literature as opposed to modern contemporary literature in the form of film.
  18. VonDavis


    Yes They were all due before 9:00am on Monday and we were offically not allowed to work on them after 12:00am Sunday night. If it was handed in later then that then that is poor on your teacher behalf.
  19. VonDavis

    Official "My Groups The Worst" Competition

    I Lose ....
  20. VonDavis

    practical examination dates

    ..... I'm Finished We Performed Today ......