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  1. Venator

    individual and society

    Thanks brother! well for each of the essay + creative was about 2100 typed. i think my hand was dead though afterwards. i have no idea how i just kept writing... one of the many mysteries of the HSC i suppose...
  2. Venator

    General Thoughts - Chemistry

    overall a very easy exam. but i walked out knowing i made one or two little mistakes so i was like ahhhhhhhh espically in NaHCO3 cause i wrote like an extra three lines on it...BUT I FORGOT IT WAT AMPHIPROTIC! o well. i reckon i can still get good marks with what i wrote. i reckon ill get...
  3. Venator

    General Thoughts - Mathematics Extension 2

    it was a very good exam. as said earlier it was very 'do-able' i think i got 100+/120 so im pretty happy i couldnt get the one mark binomial question though... i was like wat? there was about 5 marks i reckon i lost cause i had no idea. everything else was sweet as
  4. Venator

    What Your think your raw marks will be?

    that was a really good exam. i got all the answers... so i would assume high 90s
  5. Venator

    individual and society

    well the exam...WAS THE BEST! okay the stimulus for the locket... MY ENTIRE STORY WAS BASED ON A LOCKET!!! i was soooooo stoked!! i wrote 16 pages for creative :D essay was pretty standard. i wrote 17 pages for that happy as
  6. Venator

    how much did you write

    holy mother of god... for everything that is holy that is burning my eyes! 23 for consumer..? i only did 10 and i thought i was coolies..!
  7. Venator

    How many pages did you write?

    *old man rambling* some of you guys are writting machines! you should be chained up so that we can use you to replace printing presses by just using you to write crap out all day... damn kids with their loud music *end of old man rant* Emma/Clueless 7 Gwen Harwood 7 Truth 7
  8. Venator

    prelims driving me crazy!!!

    Ditto cept one of my assignments was a major work :( 13/1/2 hours of exams and i only got 4 days to study yay