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    ahhhhhhhhi hate spanish! spanish should die! i think i'm going to change tomorrow lol but don't take it on my account. im just changing cos i'm not cut out to spend so much time on a unit of work. art history and theory should be rather grand.
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    Post your 2007 University Offers Here!

    yea i did.. lol b social work at usyd.. and i had just finalised everything at unsw with b social work / b arts did you?
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    too late to enrol?

    SHIT i just got my letter today... and the thing finished at 5pm.. fuck fuck fukc
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    question on units of credit

    say in this link http://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au/undergraduate/courses/2007/SOCA3212.html it goes.. prereq. is 36 units of credit. does that mean... 36 SOCA units.. or any units of credit?
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    So, whats the social life like at UNSW?

    lol when i received my offer for unsw... i probably had a split second of disappointment in not getting into usyd.. but hey. after all that blood, sweat and tears in making my damn timetable work... im just so not fcuked to change unis anymore. besides, my friend who's going to usyd said she...
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    art major

    sorry i was just wondering how important a major in arts can be in a degree. i'm going to be doing a combined degree b social work / b arts and i think they only offer me like one "approved major sequence" thingo. i originally wanted to do a major in history but i'm finding that development...
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    internal transferring in usyd (social work)

    sorry does anyone know what i need to be able to transfer from unsw b social work / b arts to usyd b arts/ b social work? or if do b social work at usyd.. what i'd need to be able to transfer into b arts / b social work? lol sorry.. this is just a little confusing. help a noob.
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    Bachelor of Social Work

    yea im planning on doing b social work / b arts at unsw too. is usyd better for that? (b arts/ b social work) im kinda lost about my major in arts too.. because if caught between development studies and history.
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    so who cheated?

    in one of my exams a classmate of mine brought her ipod in and was just listening to music and the ladies didn't say anything until maybe like after the test where they just gave everyone a general warning. personally... if i had my ipod with me... it would be filled with answers and shit...
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    Who failed?

    sadly... in these times... it doesn't matter to me if other people fail... because... in the end... it would still be me. but HEY! at least its over!
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    Section 1 - Law & Society

    LOL BITCH! haha i should report you!!! andrew smells worse... they should make laws against that.
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    Section 1 - Law & Society

    hahah CHEERS
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    Section 1 - Law & Society

    I SERIOUSLY HOPE TO GOD YOUR ANSWERS ARE WRONG! haha well.. some at least. oh shit. my answers were deplorable
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    lmaoooo i was hoping to GOD they did SETI! i didn't bother with foreign policies.. but i was pretty lucky picking the guy.. i was almost certain they would have R2 miliary.. but i guess they didn't this year.
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    Section 3 - Focus Studies

    yea i did b for consumers i think.. i couldn't be bothered with new law reforms.
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    Section 3 - Focus Studies

    family essays were good. easily adaptable with anything really...
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    Section 2 - Crime

    isn't genocide like... apart of crimes against the international community? ahh who cares. it's over. !!
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    Legal Studies 2006 - general thoughts on the exam

    hahah i pulled so much shit outta my arse for the ermmm one 14/12? marker for crime.. but it was okay... i didn't like multiple choice... some of them were oh so similar grr.. but overall not many surprises. i was hoping for a human rights section this year
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    How Have Your Performances Been?

    urghh!! spent all my night doing log books and i swear they probably flicked through it... =( such a waste of effort..