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    Major cities-london ny tokyo???

    *Dominant world cities - New York, Tokyo and London. Paris is emerging as the fourth soon. But sydney is still a major world city.
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    Regional Centre and Demise of a small town

    The Role of Regional Centres and demise of the smal town is in the World Cities topic. Its the last dot point. Since the past 2 years has been urban dynamic, i doubt it will be again. But who knows. Anyway, im fucked if its demise of the small town, or textbooks have about 1 page on it, and the...
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    Regional Centre and Demise of a small town

    For urban places, they've never in the past asked for 'te regional centres and demise of a small town', and they've asked all of the syllabus dot points already in the past exams. I know there is not alot of information to write about this, but other subjects forcused on the real bad/short dot...
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    Does Geography scale your UAI down a lot?

    But thats 2007 scaling. Scaling changes every year, based on how well the state goes. Theres no point in relyig upon 2007 scaling, when that is irrevelant. eg. last year standard english got scaled HIGHER than advanced english. Thats so stupid, why would you even bother looking at previous...
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    2009 HSC Essay Predictions

    For urban places, i think it will be world cities too. I dislike it too, especially dominance and dependance, but i think theyll ask for dominance and dependance and then we have to link it with the financial crisis. I would like it to be megacities, but hrmmm.
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    Lake conjola 09!

    LAKE CONJOLA 09! its the place to be.
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    History & Memory: Related Texts

    History and Memory Related Texts, That arent Holocaust related? Well, i have to start studying for this module soon. And i need a related text that is not related to the holocaust. I am studying fiftieth gate, as the set text, have Ellie Wiesels speech, now need something that is not realted to...
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    Anyone going South for Schoolies?

    yeah, we are going Lake Conjola, like 10-15 of us. from 29th of november to the 6th of december!
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    How much is everyone paying for schoolies?

    $120 for 7 nights, at gold coast, on the beach.
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    Related texts for maestro

    well, im already doing William Street by Kenneth Slessor as a related text, but cant find another one. We got given one ' Guernica' By Picasso, its a painting about war and chaos but i dont see how i can relate that to Maestro, there are no common themes really. and its kind of annoying, coz i...
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    Hamlet & Personal Interpretation?

    Oh okay. So i use the themes to establish my own interpretation? thanks.
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    Hamlet & Personal Interpretation?

    So, for this module we are asked to establish our own personal interpretation? I am having extreme difficulty doing this module. I have only got, 'Hamlets overthinking was due to the contextual influence; the renaissance, and his delay of action is on purpose due to this' Any ideas?
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    urban dynamics and the effects of the GFC

    Global Financial Crisis.
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    Lake conjola 09

    pretty sure your just being an idiot now.
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    Lake conjola 09

    ohkay sounds good. where abouts are uz staying?
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    Lake conjola 09

    fishing it hardcore!
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    Lake conjola 09

    skoolies lake conjola 09! its the place to be! gonna be like a fair few of us going down, we are going down from the 29th nov - 06th of december anyone else going down there?
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    The Official NRL Thread

    lol rabbitohs wooden spooon, do you even know what footy is. you gotta be joking. your such a noob aye. pownage noob!