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    General Thoughts: Geography

    Multiple choice - Too easy Short answer - Was worded a bit wierd but i managed to fill up the lines gladly. Extended respons - I did ecosystems and operations in a global network. Wrote 2 booklets for the first and 2 for the global :)
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    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    Fml, fucked it.
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    Information Techonology was a joke...

    Re: It I was pointing out the stupid answer not saying I used it hahaah.
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    Bored on MS paint

    Alright lets see what creations you can come up with MS paint and a mouse people :) Here are some of mine: Rest in the attachments :)
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    Information Techonology was a joke...

    Re: It ^^ lol, explains how easy this exam was...
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    Information Techonology was a joke...

    Yeah exactly, marjorty of the stuff is common sense when you use a computer.. I'm not even sure I want to do a Diploma or BA in Info Tech now, it will all just be common sense OH&S crap :/
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    Information Techonology was a joke...

    Wrote 3-4 pages for each extended response but my writing is small all in report format :) Even had to get an extra booklet for section II hahah... and still finished with an hour to go.. yeah shake the computer part made me laugh a little.
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    Information Techonology was a joke...

    Seriously, a five year old could have done that exam.. Was a joke I'm sure everyone would have scored in the 80-90s unless you were unconscious during the exam..
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    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    Think I did alright with Distinctive voices and cosi. Average in Global Village I'm hoping around 45+ i usually flunk out english exams so i'm not expecting an insane mark.
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    What sort of pen do you use?

    UniBall Jetstream :)
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    how much did everyone write?

    A: 4.5 B: 3 C: 4 + Draft Thought I was absolutely F%$ked for it but once I calmed down a bit Pen was flowing good, pretty good effort for someone who flunks out on english exams woop :)