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    Acct1501: Cash receipt journals QUESTION

    In posting the total of the cash column in a cash receipts journal, the entry that would be made is: a. Dr Cash b. Cr Cash c. Dr each of the specific accounts that comprise the total d. none of the above Any ideas :P?
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    2014 HSC Mathematics Solutions

    Probably 95 @ person above me
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    2014 HSC Mathematics Solutions

    I think last year, 77 was able to band 6.... so hopefully it will for u.
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    2014 HSC Mathematics Solutions

    Nevermind. Anyways thanks Ym, pretty sure I got over 90...
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    2014 HSC Mathematics Solutions

    I'm such a huge fan of yours ymcaec!!! Oh do u know Matthew Wong? he's a cool guy too :D
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    2014 HSC Mathematics Solutions

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    Logs and expo

    I guess Ln( e^(e^x) )
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    If I failed the Half Yearly HSC for Maths, will I still have time to get a 80+ ATAR?

    Re: If I failed the Half Yearly HSC for Maths, will I still have time to get a 80+ AT Well your ATAR doesn't only look at ur maths mark. So yeah u can probably pull off a 80+ ATAR if u're doing really well with ur other subjects. Plus, you probably have another 50-60% worth of weighting to go...
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    Quadratic Question Need Help!

    for (i) find the vertex. the x coordinate = -b/2a =- (-6)/2(1) = 3 sub back into y = x^2.... y = -1 so vertex at (3,-1) so if domain is unrestricted, the range is y=>-1 (which u can see more clearly if u sketched the right parabola) if the domain x is greater than or equal...
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    Question - Logs and Exponentials??

    2) k = e^1.9 1) no clue :P
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    Q - Combined Area??

    the point of intersection for the x value (that you use for this) is x = 2 so yeah u're right. not sure what u mean by 4/13 but yeah integral from 0 to 2 for y = 2x^2 Then integral from 2 to 3 for the graph y = x^2 - 13x + 30 then add them two like before. Same method as the last question...
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    How to link 2 Business topics in Business report?

    If you're talking about Operation strategies to manage influences on Operations... I'd list the influences out... so straight out of the syllabus, Globalisation, technology, quality, cost-based competition, government policies and legal regulations, and environmental sustainability. Then...
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    Q - Combined Area??

    ok cool, sorry I'm not in the mood to do any actual working out :P hope that's the answer
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    Q - Combined Area??

    So the area bounded by the two graphs, the x and y axis? If so... Find the point of intersection if u solve 5x + 4 = (x - 4)^2 U take the smaller x coordinate, since u can visually see that it would make sense if u graph it. I got x = 1. Now if u graphed it, draw a line down the point of...
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    Integrate exponential

    well the derivative of e^(x^2 +3) = 2xe^(x^2 + 3) so e^(x^2 + 3) + c I think
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    Locus and the Parabola Question

    I got (x-1)^2 = -4(1/8)y or y = -2x^2 + 4x - 2 (expanded from the top) idk if this is right, if it is... then i'll show working out. Basically, from inspection I got a concave down parabola which has an equation of (x-k)^2 = -4a(y-h) which is just the general equation of a concave down...
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    perm and comb question

    This topic really bugs me... so any help with explanation / hints with this question will be greatly appreciated. " In how many ways can 8 boys be divided into two sets containing 5 and 3 respectively." I just don't understand how to approach questions like this, and I got a feeling it's an...
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    Yikes... Thank you all, going to go slap myself now.
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    With inequality with unknown denominators, I normally multiply one side by x^2 to ensure the sign won't change and this is a little problematic when I get powers higher than 2 :P This is probably an "easy" question for most people... but any help will be appreciated (1 / x) < 1 / (x+1) What...