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    Elite school students get more special help in HSC

    Hi Everyone I am the mother of a student applying for SP. He has a medical condition which makes it impossible for him to write. In his application he asked to use a computer to type. He is able to type using the index fingers of each hand only. (two fingered typing). He has been using this...
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    Post your m/c answers here.

    M/C Q3 Too Obvious? Q3. "Legally protected right in Australia and a human right" I originally put A "Education for all" but the "for all" worried me. Why not C- "Property Ownership"?
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    Foundations 3

    I'm surprised there hasn't been much discussion of the second part of this. It's a rotten question and really doesn't seem to have much to do with the syllabus. "Evaluate the solutions.......". Just dumb. I wrote some stuff about it depends on your own point of view and experience of...