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    I passed! but i think it was a easy exam. most of it was basic questions besides a couple (which every1 got wrong). i agree with babydoll, its nothing compared to the real accounting stuff (acct1001..) and the test was mainly theoretical (not to mention multiple choice) i dunno why so many...
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    majors in commerce

    what kind of occupations can you get, after doing an international business major? it seems rather vague to me compared to the other commerce majors. accounting - accountant marketing - marketer
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    Anyone get accepted into BiT for 09 yet?

    has anyone not received a email/phone call from uts? :S
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    Who had very big gaps between int.& ext marks?

    Music 2 81 internal, 91 external.. biased school assessment tasks. Appealed to the school, throughout the year.. but with no success.. and look waht happened.
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    yes!!!! acceptance to the BIT course

    I called up today.. apparently there are less sponsors due to the economic crisis. More students applied this year.. hence tougher competition. I was very close to getting one but didn't get one due to the shortage of sponsors.
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    yes!!!! acceptance to the BIT course

    that's weird.. Seems like I didn't get any email. No email at all.
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    yes!!!! acceptance to the BIT course

    when did you get this email?
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    BIT requiring Maths ext, and physics?

    Ok, this is my current situation. I did maths ext 1, throughout year 11 and year 12 up until the trials. I just managed to pass, and I did not excel it in. Hence I dropped the subject, as it would be not even counted towards my UAI. I dropped it before Permutations and combinations. However I...
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    B:IT App's

    They still don't know for sure how many sponsors there are for next year. Could be more, or less.. they're still not sure. But my guess is less, due to the economic crisis.
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    What raw mark is needed for 45+ out of 50 for SOR1?

    if you check one of the RAW marks threads from previous years, you can see than 42/50 gets aligned to 46/50. But this would differ from year to year.
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    Automated manufacturing systems.. conveyor belt?

    yeah i drew some diagrams as well. I think the question was was so open, that it was up the student to decide how to interpret it. I really had no idea :S
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    Automated manufacturing systems.. conveyor belt?

    one of the questions asked how critical damping was used and asked to describe the other types as well. I didn't actually understand how critical damping was being used on the conveyor belt.. I wrote that the damping is related to teh speed, so once the product is placed, it returns to the...
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    aural exam past paper mp3s

    dude what are you talking about? you're completely off topic. :uhoh: Your school should have some past paper recordings.
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    What could they ask?

    Well the charaterisation of a character seems to be a common question. I just hope that a general question appears, cause this is my worst module!
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    What could they ask?

    I've realized that preparing a 'generic response' before the exam may not get me anywhere as MOD B is sometimes really specific. I've seen Questions on Charaterisation, Relationships between Characters Could they ask specific scenes, or ask make you select specific scenes?
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    estimate my uai

    my school is around the mid-20 mark. Here are my overall English Adv : rank - 60/100 .... mark- 80% Music 2: rank - 7/8 .... mark- 88% (very competitive class) Music Ext: rank - 2/7 ... mark - 48/50 (v competitive) IPT: rank - 4/22 .. mark - 94% SOR1: rank - 2nd or 3rd out of 6 ...
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    do internal marks change?

    I heard schools moderate the marks a bit, before sending it into the BOS. But after they submit it, do the marks stay the same or does it change according to the external mark? What would happen if a class did better externally than internally, will the internal marks be raised because the...
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    Thoughts on CSSA Trial

    Ended up with a mark in of 88 in independent trials, tbh I thought I fully stuffed the exam. and the Multiple choice was bs.
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    One-to-many, many-to-many, one-to-one

    I am having trouble understanding how to work out the relationships between entities and their attributes, and how they are linked. I understand the concepts of one-to-many, many-to-many, and one-to-one but i can't apply them...