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    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    91.80 Acheived my aim of 90+ therefore I'm very happy :)
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    Band 6 cut offs over 90?

    aparently senior science! :( it sucks because there is soo much content though, and it scales pretty badly
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    Predicted results?

    WWI- 20/25 at best Germany-23/25 Leni- 19/25 :S Indochina- 22/25
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    Modern history is tomorrow....!!!Are you ready?

    there is way to much content to learn!! So skrewed :S
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    Thoughts about Society and Culture

    I don't know how other schools do it, but my teacher will probably email us our marks, they get released sometime in August NEXT YEAR... I'd probably attempt to calculate it.. I would not be bothered waiting for so long :S
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    Thoughts about Society and Culture

    Wow I didn't know they came back so early! :S I hate how we have to wait til like August or something next year to get our PIP marks back..
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    Movies that Make you Cry :'(

    OMG same! totally forgot about that, I was like the only one crying... awkward..
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    Movies that Make you Cry :'(

    sorry about that! I guess you should've watched it earlier :P
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    Movies that Make you Cry :'(

    the last harry potter film, where Snape's past relations with Lilly are revealed.. when Lupin and Fred Weasley died! :(
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    after hsc goals?

    -read the Harry Potter series -watch all the Harry Potter movies -Partys -Buying everything on my wish list --> work heaps, save cash until I go overseas -bonfire with friends, burning all our notes
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    Thoughts about Society and Culture

    yeh Society and Culture is the only subject I have a chance of getting band 6 in, so I really have my hopes high. Only thing is that our school has never got a band 6 before for society.. I just really want to be the first I don't think it will be marked too harshly..and the pip can make or...
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    Thoughts about Society and Culture

    yes i'm refering to the 'choose one feature question' yes Well for example, one trial question was 'assess the impacts on change with ONE of the areas below -education -beleifs values and lifestyle -government ... -family life and population changes --> so its under one heading, but two seperate...
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    Thoughts about Society and Culture

    yes I chose families and church too, since church is an institution.. not sure about families lol.. but yeh I'm pretty sure I chose that one.. (hopefully lol) and for the first question, of 1 mark, was the answer it for example 'family life and population changes'? Thats what I wrote but I'm...
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    Thoughts about Society and Culture

    Yeh for the ethical considerations I wrote about keeping information private unless you state otherwise (like name, financial details).. I hope they fall for it :S I loved the Harry Potter reference! I thought it was conpletely nessesary :) Only thing I'm scared about, is the POP culture...
  15. V

    what can't you study without?

    Silence, water and Ginkgo Biloba tablets to improve my memory lol
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    Section 3 - Extended Response

    The Crucible I found really hard to write about! I basically related place with Salem as a place/society and how Abigail/Tituba didn't belong, and about Proctors house as a setting of not belonging in his relationship, aswell as the court as a 'place' deciding whether people belong. Hopefully I...
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    Post year 12 jersey names

    Jersey name- SERBocharged
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    atar guesemaite

    thanks.. damm i hate the atar calc now.. got me excited with the thought of a 89+ atar considering my current averages
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    atar guesemaite

    I might aswell add mine if thats okay :S what would my atar estimate be? English adv-10/100 senior science-5/23 general maths-15/98 modern history-3/28 society and culture-1/7 my school rank is like 400th :S thanks!
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    Most loved / hated subject.

    Love- Society and Culture, Modern History Hate- Maths, BUSINESS!!!