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    Selective schools debate

    by the first axiom, assume true
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    Thoughts on Learnable's Mock HSC Exams?

    i feel like alot of questions were barely in hsc or at hsc level
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    HSC Extension 2 Mathematics Predictions / Thoughts

    anyone else think the nesa sample answers r rlly weird- they skip steps where they shouldnt and add extra stuff where they dont need to?
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    BoS trials Maths and Chemistry 2020

    is there even gonna be a nesa party with covid
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    Common Mod Short Answer

    just do n-1 ez dub
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    Length for Module C??

    bruhhh how u gonna write 1500 words
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    Common Mod Paper 1

    in my opinion, you havent really answered the question, youve just changed it. Your essay still needs to primarily address the issue of 'deception'. Because its a 'to what extent' question, its kind of hard to go directly against the statement. A way to disagree with the statement would be smth...
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    Common Mod Paper 1

    I don't think this is true at all. Markers will reward deeply thought out and critical answers which are unique, and going against the statement is certainly a way to do this. That is not to say, you should write whatever you have preprepared- you must address the question at hand, and it must...
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    thoughts on repeating year 12??/know of anyone with a positive experience?

    someone from my school repeated yr12 for personal reasons and ended up dropping out about a term in. I think you also need to consider the social and mental impacts of repeating- all of ur friends will be having new and unique experiences in uni while you will still be confined to high school...
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    Line of best fit?

    i got a question in my trial which was like plotting the incidence of a disease over the seasons, where we were told to connect the dots. This was bcos the relationship isnt rlly clear or consistent, like how in climate data or economics data they always have dot to dot graphs
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    Module C discursive techniques?

    but the rubric only specifies study 2 doesnt it
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    Module C discursive techniques?

    uhhhh whatt is this true
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    Best UCAT Prep Courses

    questions r ur best bet to practice for ucat. I don't think books or non online practice is the best for ucat, u will be able to read strategies and stuff (which is important) but the best way to improve on ucat is practice bcos it is a skills test. The feeling and pressure of doing a computer...
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    how many hours of study

    aye i memorised 3 each for common mod, mod a and b, and 1.5 mod c creatives how tf u memorise 10
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    complex number question

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    complex number question

    lmao do u have a list of those theorems or somewhere i can find them? ty
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    complex number question

    Which circle geo theorems r assumed knowledge?
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    complex number question

    r we expected to know circle geo properties for questions like this Edit: no circle geo required for this question. But are we expected to know certain circle geo theorems to do complex questions? ik some schools do circle geo in yr10 but mine didnt. If we do need to know them, which ones?
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    Internal moderation

    you dont actually get the 36th external mark for ur internal moderated. NESA looks at the range and distribution of marks your cohort gets in the external exams, and uses this to shift the distribution of marks in your internal assessments (i.e. they match the mean, max, min if possible and some...
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    Cambridge vs Fitzpatrick: A Final Vote

    cambridge bcos ur school uses margaret grove