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    Chemistry - general thoughts on the exam

    does ne 1 think that it was an alright test and you did alright but know that you don't wanna speak too soon.... i always seem to think i did pretty good in chemistry, like i answered all the questions right nd that but when ever i get em back its not that i got the question swrong its just...
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    haha thats wat i did to... oh well hope they get lost i did shit in it anyway
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    yer it gets heaps intense here sumtimes at night you feel your bed shaking and seen road signs been bent over to the ground nd shit like that pretty cool but cut as it was right in the middle of my exam
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    We had gail force winds ay... sitting next to a window and you could see it bending, thought it was about to smash... look out the window and it was blowing water bout 30 metres in the air off the lake (jindabyne) was so fucked up, shit blowing everywhere couldnt work at all
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    losing weight?

    if anyone wants to lose weight there is only one way to do it.... amphetamine abuse! melts the pounds right off... best appetite supressant around. lost 5 kilos in 2weeks
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    For People Who Did Bad!!!

    y dont u go suck a fat one u piece.... no one wants your opinion hey.... measly piece of shit
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    For People Who Did Bad!!!

    piece of shit board of studies!!!! interpretations of the new ay? since when have there been any questions even remotely like that in past papers... i hope who ever wrote that test tops themselves...