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    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    Gets so horrendous when the 9 marker starts to look like an actual essayo_O
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    BoS Trials Maths, Physics and Business Studies 2023

    Same, eng is so dreadful :( I’ve literally dedicated more time in eng than any other subject yet idek how I did:jawdrop:
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    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    Rlly depends on how messed up marking criteria is
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    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    I wouldn’t risk it since the data sheet has 9.8 on it
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    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    The question states radius, not altitude so you don’t have to add it
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    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    You only use that when they ask for work done. In this case, the change in energy refers to change in TOTAL energy
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    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    The definition of a second relating to caesium-133
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    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    can someone please tell me what the mod 7’s definition of one second is I’m having trouble finding the proper wording for it
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    Guys this may sound crazy but what if we all meet together after the HSC

    HeLp it’s been like 9 days since this thread started and we r still talking abt height For those of you self conscious abt your height, dw, I’m only 1nm tall on a bad day and 1 km tall on a good day
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    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

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    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    I hate history I didn’t pick it for a reason WHY is it appearing in physics:newburn:
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    What do u guys reckon alignment for each subject would be like this yr:dog: Use this space to rant + collectively cry/laugh WE ARE ALMOST DONE!!!
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    idk everything went relatively alright, just rlly depends on the mood of the marker for eng for me haha +phys bc who knows what this yr’s will be like:hug2:
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    Experiment/prac questions in exam

    Nah highly doubt it, they r more likely to give you the experiment and ask you questions instead of making you create one:chainsaw2: I feel like it’s probably better to just focus on all the details of historical experiments + models :)
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    de moivre's question help

    For part d, there’s probably a better way but it’s the same as (sum of roots)^2 -2(sum of product of 2 roots)
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    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    last yr’s alignment was a joke :hammer: So this yr’s paper better be hard
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    Should I drop?

    Ngl eng adv and eng standard are very similar, but eng adv has better alignment so i would suggest that you keep eng adv considering the difficulty of both courses aren’t that different…
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    Maths Extension 2 Predictions/Thoughts

    Nah stop that is so unrealistic, I’d say a 98
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    Mathematics Extension 1 Predictions/Thoughts

    Ngl I feel like this exam was harder than last yr’s but probably not by a significant extent. Most questions were very generic except for maybe the last 2 MC questions (mainly due to time pressures) and 14) c. Probs similar alignment tho… congrats to everyone for finishing the last maths exam of...
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    Atar Estimate (Again)

    probably around a 93… but it rlly just depends on your cohort