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    Open Day Bos Meat

    dw, that was me too xD I was so lost.
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    so you reckon if i'm just gonna do finance/maths, i should go to unsw? I guess i dont really know for sure what i want to major in, so Usyd would give me more options i suppose. As it seems, you guys reckon usyd and unsw are essentially the same, so i guess it just depends on how versatile i...
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    Woah, thanks guys, thats really really helpful and much appreciated. What im thinking of doing for the combo, is probably the usual, finance/maths, or whatever. But i guess i'd also like to take a look around at other things and see what i like and am good at... i'll get the opportunity to do...
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    Thanks for that, quite helpful. If you dont mind also, do you think you could tell me a little about what your hours are like, and what you like/dislike about the course? Also, what area you are thinking of going into after, and where else the course could lead. That would be much appreciated...
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    At the moment, i'm thinking of doing comm/sci. At UNSW, apparently its better or whatever, and it seems to have more options for what to major in. However, i really want to go to USYD. I don't actually have the UAI for it at usyd (its close enough), but it might come down, or i could transfer...
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    Teachers and their reactioons to HSC/UAI

    We didnt have anything like that, but i'm guessing the teachers at my school will be very pleased and proud. It's rare that our school gets a band 6 in english (our teacher has only seen two at our school) we got another. Our chem teacher said that when we get a band 6, its like we wont the...
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    SMH corrects its error

    I went to her primary.
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    Highest UAI WITHOUT getting a Premier's Award

    friend got 8 units band 6. 88 in english. uai 99.45 Sucks for him, and our school. I doubt our school has ever got an all rounder/premiers.
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    Your UAI & What You Plan To Do

    94.25 Not really sure what course, but maybe commerce at UNSW. So i'm hoping the cut offs dont rise.
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    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    Sam put me .7 higher than i atually got, it would be interesting to see this years scaled means compared to last. And how do you find school rankings?
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    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    94.25... SAM estimated 94.95, which is a bit of a disappointment, as i really was hoping for 95. I have a feeling it has something to do with Maths Ext 2, since the exam was a lot easier, it maybe didnt scale as well. Please tell us if you did Maths Ext 2, and your estimate was higher than the...
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    HSC Food Technology:General Thoughts

    Wasnt too bad, i dont think. SWOT thing, yeah, didnt really know what i was doing, but i think i fudged it well enough. i think i should do okay. I just checked my ranks also, at http://www.studentsonline.nsw.edu.au/ and i got 4th for rank >< i thought i would have been 2nd. hopefully that wont...
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    What do you think will be in the exam?

    I dont think many people are visiting here, but worth a try =P So, what do you think will, or wont be in the exam. Last year, they had lots of Poicy and Legislation for the AFI. So i'm hoping that wont be in it this year. I reckon again for this year, they will go back to the "Name an...
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    How many?

    I got like, 20 or something, but mostly cause people thought it would be a bludge. Yeah, it is a hard course, cause there is sooooo much to know. And its also really... current? So you have to be up with the times to get good marks. Also, one of the girls in my class said that it is one of the...
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    Damn you aqua scum!

    Its annoying, though, i need the two days to study. Havent touched food tech since trials. However, i suppose if it were tomorrow, i would have studied it.
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    Comparison of Multiple-Choice Answers

    I think 11 is D, because conductivity is related to how many ions there are. Less ions means less conductive, and he would notice that the less conductive acids were weaker. Did they even have pH back then? =P Just for the record, i got both 10 and 11 wrong xD also 14 =/ so only 12/15
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    Comparison of Multiple-Choice Answers

    Lol.. 10 is not B. read what i said just before... The student made .02Moles of phosphoric acid. Then the questions asks what volume of NaOH is needed to neutralise all of the phosphoric acid. How much phosphoric acid was produced? 0.02 Moles. So that is the value of moles of the acid you use...
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    Comparison of Multiple-Choice Answers

    9 isnt B, because if you have say, a diprotic acid, or even a weak acid, the same amount of moles wont mean that all the H+ of OH- ions have reacted. Say with sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. you can add the same amount of moles, however sulfuric acid will donate twice as many H+ ions. Thus...
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    Band 5 & 6 Cutoffs?

    just wondering, what raw mark would allign to 90+?
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    Is Chemistry your last exam? (merged)

    :( Basically all my friends have finished, i still have stupid food tech >.<'' oh well, should be a breeze compared to chem.