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    Anyone at john xxiii

    Does anyone know how/when we can view the Johns (not general ANU) O-Week timetable?
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    ANU Roll Call 2015

    Hey man, you can transfer once you're in there, can't you? I've heard of many people doing that.
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    ANU Roll Call 2015

    Would like to gain a general consensus of how many BOS'ers are going to ANU! What are you all going to study, and what colleges (if applicable)?
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    Post Your 2015 University Offers Here

    B Laws/B International Relations at ANU - admittedly, had I switched my preferences around, I might've gotten into UNSW law with EAS, but I chose ANU instead :)
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    Legal Studies

    Hi there, I sat the HSC in 2014 and came out with a mark of 95 in Legal Studies, so hopefully I can offer you some valuable insight. How hard is the subject? Entirely depends on the person. If you like the subject, it's going to be easier, and vice-versa. You can make the subject easier for...
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    You can check if you've gotten in early.

    This works! I got an offer for combined law!!
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    I've applied for Johns at ANU, got above the cut-off for combined law. Hopefully I'll be sweet to get in.
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    Chances of not getting in even if cut-off is achieved?

    Sorry if this gets asked a lot or if the answer is fairly obvious, I want to get into combined law at ANU. I know that its 2015 cut-off is 97, and if I achieved 98.10, is there a small chance that somehow I might not get a Main Round offer? I'm just nervous because I really want to get into...
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    Advice for French Extension

    I also received an E4 (45/50) for French Extension in 2014. My best advice for the monologues would be to have a structure (Intro, For, Against, Conclusion) - almost like a 'formula' which you can refer to. The best way to go about questions is to look at both sides of what they're asking. For...
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    Share your ATAR here

    98.10 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    Share your 2014 HSC results here

    kids I'm actually so happy I got All-Rounders considering how my teachers at my old school told me there was no hope for me lmaooo English Advanced - 92/100 English Extension - 46/50 French Continuers - 95/100 (was expecting higher tbh) French Extension - 45/50 Legal Studies - 95/100 Studies...
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    When are the state rank lists released?

    I wanna see my name plated in motherfucking gold on that all-rounders list
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    Share your 2014 HSC results here

    Yesss i fucking got all rounders Peace out bitches
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    HSC Results Countdown

    2 hours until the fat lady sings
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    HSC Results Countdown

    2.5 hours kids
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    HSC Results Countdown

    I have the dreaded feeling I have only slightly missed out on my goals :(
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    Potential Marks

    Jesus I just wanna know how the markers stomached all my bullshit Not making any estimates in case I jinx myself
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    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    It was 39/50 for one year, would be higher this year if these were considered 'easier'
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    Thoughts on french contineurs

    Was happy with the exam, only the Paul/Canada listening question tripped me up just a little bit. Wrote as much as I could for the Listening and Reading sections, put as much 'higher order language' into Reading and Responding B and proofread my Section III as much as I could, couldn't have done...
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions

    Summaries of summaries...the only way