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    EVAULUATE!! Southern Oscillation Index

    i talked abotu Darwin too... although all i did was ramble coz i have gt no idea how to read that thing... or even really wot it was showing. i agree... bring on vertical exaggeration, we practised that so much in class! oh well, it was overall a good paper, i rekon!
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    Module B: Critical Study of Texts

    Shit shit shit... i read "Shakespeares chracterisation of King Lear" as meaning charcters in the play, so i did Gloucester and Edmund and didn't even mention Lear, then when we were talking bout it afterwards realised King Lear wasn't in italics and they wer ein fact talking abotut he charcter...
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    Section 1

    For anyone who was womdering what WANDERLUST even means (people like me foe exapmle), it means a strong seire to travel. Which i guess when u break down the word into two parts makes sense, but i dint think of that b4 and mayb other people didnt either lol.
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    Section 1

    I thought the poem was pretty easy. I agree about how it was weird there were no technique questions, but hey im not complaining. Section 1 was defintly easier than my trials, half yearlys etc.