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    Help with Perm + Comb question

    Well i figured them out so i'll post my answers in case anyone else was having trouble. 1. because there are only two options (b/y) you could rewrite that as blue and notblue. Then, because there are only 3 blues maximum, you just work out: (no of combinations using 1b) + (no of combs using...
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    Help with Perm + Comb question

    Hi guys. i have no idea how to do these two questions. 1. There are three identical blue marbles and four identical yellow arranged in a row. How mand different arrangements of 5 marbles are possible? 2. Containers are coded by different arrangements of coloured dots in a row. The colours...
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    How Early Did You Finish

    i finished with 5 to go but i took the last 40-50minutes pretty easy. :) some people left my exam with 50 minutes to go:eek: