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    What Personality Did You Do?

    Yeh that was the 2nd question, but Albert Speer was very unbalanced in terms of a historian looking at him... He was brought up in a wealthy middle clas but then was HItlers 2nd man.. that doesnt balance out... - How can a well educated wealthy man end up designing concerntration camps and...
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    What Personality Did You Do?

    Albert Speer.. Both questions were excellent but especially the 1st one! Albert Speer was Hitler's architect.. Incase you were wondering!
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    Yesterday during the extension 1 maths and retail we had yr9 practicing the Haka on the oval and it echoed all through out the hall (cos there werent many ppl in it) it put me off one of my extended responses.. I read the question about 50 times i reckon!!!
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    Retail Operations

    I thought it was good.. i do a traineeship at bigw and i probably found it alot easier than some other people but i was suprised to see no stocktake in it at all! It seemed to be mainly concerned with pos..