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    Anyone have a predicition on what syllabus dot point will be asked for in Q1 like perspectives, aims/purposes etc?
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    Ext. History 2007

    Haha. No you wont got 'pwned' by them in essays. You do not have to write sophistacely, just keep it simple and undertandable and you will be fine. Nothign worse than reading an essay that has alot of words that do not make sense, even to markers. Write what you understand. History Extension...
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    Gay table. A girls birthday was today and antoehr girl brought her a mass of ballons. one of which blows up in the exam. wasnt to bad though.
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    Conflict in the Pacific

    I did a) on Japans defeat. a breeze. so easy. so much stuff to talk about. best conflict questions. Thankyou whoever writes tests!!
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    CSSA Trial Results

    quinnm2006-98%? You are a god. I got 17/20 MPC 39/40 Short Answer 19/20 policy 20/20 globo essay 95% Mind you this was not CSSA trial but one my teacher made, but comprised of past hsc/trial style questions.
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    2007 Federal Election - Coalition or Labor/Howard or Rudd?

    Re: 2007 Federal Election - Coalition or Labor/Howard or Beazley? sam04u: "we need a bit of an economic stagnation, for interest rates to drop, and people to recede their mid-upper-middle class positions. Otherwise, there'll me a major imbalance, raising interest even higher (as people lose...
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    Economics Marathon

    Re: Economics Marathon - The 2006 Version babiispahire you need to ask a question when you answer the one above. I will ask another question to get this going again. How is the Distribution of Income and Wealth measured?
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    Economics Marathon

    Re: Economics Marathon - The 2006 Version Inflation is caused by: Demand- Pull- where aggreagte demand for products exceeds the economys productive capacity Cost-Push- where the cost of producing goods[factors of production] increases and this is passed on to consumers, forcing up prices...
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    Augustus Quotes

    Does anyone have any good quotes relating to Augustus, and in particular quotes to do with his constituitonal position or powers. cheers
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    Stuffed Up - Still Got A Chance?

    Jeez, Rnn- A Muk, you may struggle to get in 80's with English like that...