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    Australian Open

    sharapova has raced through her matches...henin has been less than exceptional..after minimal play, sharapova played henin for three hours at the champs.. sharapova will win the quarter final...im her number one fan
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    hey hotties.. who is starting speech path in 08? i need friends......nobody i know is doing it :'( anyone else do it...enjoy it?
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    How to write WW1 Notes (help please!!!)

    while it is important to know the content, it is very much a source study. The other sections require more core knowledge and there is no stimulus to trigger your mind. The bigger questions in sc 1 require your own knowledge and the sources so ust as long as u intergrate ur material ur fine...
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    WHERE did you lose your virginity?

    did you take your two hndred dollars?
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    WHERE did you lose your virginity?

    lols ur not the only one.. he was straight...im gay..we were 16..
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    Post Your UAI's Here

    SAM 89.45 JUAI 89.15 UAI 89.45 so they were very close to accurate...they had the number right, just not the decimal.. the girl in my debating team got 89.45 beat me by 0.1....how random
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    Post Your UAI's Here

    YAY YAY YAY YAY Modern 92 (exam 93) Music 1 92 (exam 90) Studies of Religion 2 85 (exam 88...bloody internal 81) Maths General 83 (exam 81) English Advanced 82 (exam 84...so happy i only got 63 for trial) Biology 71 (exam 69)....the poo stain lols.. anyway i was sooooo happy with my marks..i...
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    Anyone Else Abhore Personality Question?

    i didnt mind it for speer i said the nuremburg trials shaped him...his plea there has allowed for a division in historical opinion and thus seen the tarnishing of his reputation and overlooking of his achievements as an architect and armamanets minister.. probably wrong lol
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    Genetics? Thoughts?

    i have NO idea on genetics i wrote something about changing base sequences lol probably wrong.. was the question about cloning just asking how we did our research..like on the internet (elaborate) and then for reliability..like comparing with other soures and stuff
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    estimate raw marks

    you sound REALLY REALLY butch...its hard to tell through a computer screen...but really butch
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    estimate raw marks

    sources 25 germany 22 speer 22 arab israeli 15 84
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    Weimar Republic

    i mentioned all the changes...and they changed through the implementation of hitlers ideology to conform to gleischaltung and volksgemneinschaft is tht right?
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    What a great paper!

    my historiography for speer is great i said it was the nuremburg trials tht has allowed historians interpretations to change his leghacy...focused on 10 historians
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    Module B - Gwen Harwood

    i think ive done it wrong..not specific enough i did glass jar father and child prize giving and alter ego confusion, disillusionment, fear, desire, sadness
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    What a great paper!

    do you abosultely NEED quotes in your essay.. whats the highest mark u can get without quotes.. because the onlything i have in my germany essay is "donating the child to the Fuhrer" but i havce EVERY SINGLE piece of content possible to tht question.. can i still get a mark in the 20s...no...
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    General Thoughts - Modern History

    that was a pretty good exam...i cannot beliiivveee how much i wrote...it surprised me...it took me ages to sort through it all at the end...i hope it all gets marked...i think filling in the front pages and such are more diffcult than the exams as yet.. Source study was GREAT 20 or above...
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    Imaginative Journey: Unexpected Destinations

    my pre prepared essay slotted in to the question perfectly.. prospero - expected to take revenge but chooses "virtue rather.." talked about the character transformations... and same with my ORTs it worked really well... i got onto a second writing book.. i was so proud