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    Did all stations to central mnemomic originate in Australia?

    Not 100% sure, but it’s highly probable. I remember reading in the Year 11 Cambridge advanced math book something along the lines of “in NSW, it is typically learnt as All Stations To Central.” I mean, it would not really make sense for it to originate in another country, as this is clearly a...
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    When is a good time to drop to Standard English?

    Ok, so I’m really not the greatest English student. I averaged at about 80% in Year 11, which is actually really poor compared to my other subjects in the 90’s. It’s also the only thing I got a combination of B’s and C’s on my report for. While I understand that there’s always room for...
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    How do I study for a skills test?

    Well, seeing as nobody has answered this yet, I might as well do it. 1. Memorise how to write a detailed and flawless experimental method. Every single detail. People lose marks for some of the most trivial things (numbered steps for method, independent and dependent variables, a proper aim +...
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    Preliminary Advanced Maths Indicies Word Problem.

    Thank you so much! It took me a good amount of minutes but I got there! Not good news at all that there are more of these annoying word problems coming up, but I guess I’m just going to have to practice. My main error is just not reading and understanding the question properly. Thank you once...
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    Preliminary Advanced Maths Indicies Word Problem.

    Please help a student in need with a worked solution. Word problems will be the death of me. I feel like the question isn’t ”hard”, but I can’t get my head around it.
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    Note taking for bio and geo

    Hello! I finished the prelim bio course last term and have moved onto the Yr 12 course this term. I asked my biology teacher this exact question and she got really offended when I mentioned typing notes. Her exact words: “The HSC is a 3 and a half hour written exam. You need to get used to...
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    Year 11 Subject Selection Advice.

    I’d like to start off by thanking everyone for their advice. It has helped me come to the conclusion that I should probably do CAFS, as it is a subject that requires less effort (not that I don’t want to put in effort but rather that there isn’t too much point in putting effort into a subject...
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    Year 11 Subject Selection Advice.

    I’m undertaking the following subjects for Yr 11: Advanced English, Advanced Math, PDHPE, Chemistry and Biology (accelerated course). For my 6th course, I wasn’t given the subject I wanted as it coincides with the accelerated course, which I cannot negotiate with. So they assigned me Engineering...
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    Help with finding certain values in non-linear relationships unit.

    Argh dammit gotta use that ruler. Makes sense, thank you. Finding exact coordinates is pain, but I get your point. Good luck for your exam! I look forward to seeing the in-depth explanation as it will help me out a lot.
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    What I do is just think about the concepts provided and ask questions about the concepts to myself. I then answer those questions and the answer becomes my thesis. Also, I’m stealing the theme from Wizjaro for this example. Eg. How is the theme of control relevant to your text? Ok. So what...
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    Help with finding certain values in non-linear relationships unit.

    I think my problem may be A. Anyway, here is the question. Answer is in black pen. The task was to find the equation of the graph. This is a cubic, so it is x to the power of 3. Negative four y intercept means that it has been moved down by four. What I was confused on was why it would be...
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    Help with finding certain values in non-linear relationships unit.

    Doing the basics of non-linear relationships, but I’m still stuck on how to solve to find the highlighted parts. Simply rearranging the equation doesn’t give me the right answer. Substituting values for x and y from a graph also don’t give me the value I want. Please help. Is there some formula...
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    Should I do Standard II or Advanced Math?

    Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for all the support I have received. I think I might attempt advanced, and if I’m really that bad, I’ll move to standard. Thank you. Really good advice. Don’t want to a larger number of worded problems, and also want to get into med so advanced is...
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    Should I do Standard II or Advanced Math?

    Should I do Standard II or Advanced Math? I’ve been thinking about this for way too long and still haven’t decided. And now, I am required to express my interest in one of these levels of math within a bit more than a week. Alas, I have no choice but to turn to educated strangers on the...